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Grade 10 Chem Review

Grade 10 Chemistry Unit Test Review

What is a Chemical Property? - how a substance reacts with another to form something new
What is a Physical Property? - characteristic abotu the substance eg. size shape or form
What are the two types of Matter? - Pure Substances & Mixtures
What are the two types of Pure Substances? - Elements & Compounds
What are the two types of Mixtures? - solutions & Heterogeneous Mixtures
How do you test for Oxygen? - Glowing Splint bursts back into Flames
How do you test for Hydrogen? - Flaming splint makes a popping sound
How do you test for Carbon Dioxide? - Limewater turns milky
How do you test for Water Vapour? - Cobalt Chloride Test Paper turns from blue to red
What is an ionic compound? - A bond between metals & non-metals
What is a molecular compound? - A bond between non-metals
What is a Hydrate? - a Solid that contains liquid particles
What is the Law of Conservation Mass? - Total mass of reactants is equal to the total mass of Product
What are the Five types of Chemical Reactions? - Synthesis, Decomposition, Single Displacement Reaction, Double Displacement Reaction, Combustion
What is the difference between a complete and incomplete combustion? Complete make carbon dioxide and water, incomplete creates other materials
What are the properties of Acids? - produce hydrogen gas- good conductors of electricity- dissolved in water- sour tasting
What are the properties of Bases? - bitter tasting- alkaline- contains hydroxide
What is in the formula for acids? - Hydrogen
What is in the formula for bases? - Hydroxide
what is Neutralization? - Chemical reaction between acids and bases that create salt and water
What colour does BTB turn when an acid is present? - yellow
What colour does phenolthapein turn when a base is present? - pink
How do pH paper indicate an acid or base? - yellow/orange when acid is present, green when base is present
What will colour will litmus paper turn when an acid or base is present? - Red for a acid, Blue for base
Created by: lil_bela