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The Hero's Journey

Steps and terms for the archetypal story pattern.

Which step is "home base" where the reader learns basic background info about the hero in their everyday context? Step 1 - The Ordinary World
In which step is the problem presented and a goal is established for the hero to complete? Step 2 - Call to Adventure
In which step is the hero reluctant/unwilling to partake in the journey? Step 3 - Refusal of the Call
Which step introduces an advisor/friend who convinces and prepares the hero to leave for the journey and face the unknown? Step 4 - Consulting the Mentor
In which step does the adventure truly begin as the hero fully commits to the journey, leaving the familiar and embarking into the unknown? Step 5 - Crossing the Threshold
Which step teaches the hero the rules of the unknown, introducing friends and foes alike? Step 6 - Tests, Allies, and Enemies
In which step does the hero find the edge of a dangerous place where the object of the journey/quest is hidden? Step 7 - Approaching the Inmost Cave
Which step is the ultimate battle/confrontation of the hero's greatest fear? Step 8 - The Supreme Ordeal
In which step does the hero celebrate survival and obtain the prize/object of the quest? Step 9 - Seizing the Reward
Which step marks the beginning of the hero's trek back home where they must face consequences of confronting the dark forces of the Supreme Ordeal? Step 10 - The Road Back
In which step is the hero transformed by death and rebirth as they return to ordinary life reborn as a new being with new insights? Step 11 - Resurrection
In which step does the hero finally end the journey, coming back to the ordinary world having obtained something from the unknown? Step 12 - Return with Elixir
What is a synonym for "The Hero's Journey"? Monomyth
Do the steps of The Hero's Journey have to be in order? No
Can certain facets of The Hero's Journey such as "resurrection" and "the elixir" be metaphorical/abstract? Yes
Created by: ashleyrmarco
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