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Lesson 7 Modifiers

Spanish 1 Lesson 7 Modifiers

abajo below/underneath
abandonado abandoned/derelict
abatido downcast/dejected
abismal enormous/vast
abocado pleasant/smooth
abrupto abrupt/sudden
absurdo absurd/insane
aburrido boring/tedious
acabado finished/ended
acertado correct
acomedido helpful
acostumbrado accustomed/used to
ademàs moreover/besides
adinerado wealthy
afamado famed/famous
afectuouso affectionate
afilado/agudo sharp
afin related (to)/similar
agarrado stingy/mean
àgil agile/nimble
agotado exhausted/tired
aislado isolated/remote
alegre happy/cheerful
alocado/loco crazy/insane
altivo haughty/arrogant
amigable friendly
amoratado purple/purplish
amoroso loving/affectionate
analfabeto illiterate
anciano ancient/old
animado animated/lively
ansioso anxious/eager
anterior before/preceeding
antiuado antique/outdated
apacido gentle/mild
aplicado hard-working/diligent
apresurado hurried/hasty
apropiado suitable/appropriate
apuesto neat/elegant
arduo arduous/difficult
arreglado neat/orderly
asegurado insured
asi so/thus/like
astuto astute/cunning
autòctano/indìgeno native
atroz atrocious/awful
avispado sharp/clever
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