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Use of language 2

Practice for CELA English teachers

Lance is ________ knowledgeable on this subject. highly
I need a good explanation of all the costs ________ in buying a new car. involved
There was a ________ debate about the Middle East, then they moved to a vote. lively
The doctor told him to lose weight quickly or pay the ________ later in life. price
Jet lag causes problems with our ________ clock. biological
This species of seagull is not a ________ of the island, but will sometimes rest here a while. resident
Doesn't it ________ you as strange that it's the middle of May and it's snowing? strike
I didn't stay behind because I wanted to, I did so because it was my ________. duty
What angered me wasn't his resignation but the ________ in which he did it. manner
If you can't make ________ what's written, change the zoom level and it'll become clearer. out
There's a ________ range of issues that we need to discuss as soon as possible. wide
In the mating season, the male of the species calls out with a ________ gu-gu sound. distinctive
Marie Curie, one of the best-known ________ in working with radiation, died in 1934. pioneers
Deep sea oil exploration is a dirty and dangerous ________. business
Much of the neighbourhood was demolished in the 1940s when living ________ had deteriorated. conditions
Scientists are yet to understand the full nutritional ________ of the humble olive. benefits
You can come and ________ us performing this operation, if you want. observe
Bears used to be very ________ in this part of the country, but nobody has seen one for ten years. widespread
Ben was ________ to the court for jury duty, but took a doctor's note with him and was excused. summoned
The police ________ four states in pursuit of the bank robber. crossed
After three years of ________, the country's economy is finally looking a lot healthier. recession
We altered our final ________ of yearly profits due to more accurate advertising and marketing costs. forecast
The old house was _____________ furnished and we had to buy almost everything new. sparsely
The main way into the building is via High Street but there is also a(n)____________ at the back used for deliveries. access
I have been back to the doctor three times and he still hasn't _____________the reason for all the pain I have been suffering from recently. pinpointed
You shouldn't have bought so many ____________ presents on this holiday. You won't have any money left when you go back home. lavish
Created by: Seyniov
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