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PBA 2 - 2 Honores

Cuerpo Sano, Mente Sana

salud health
saludable healthy
sano healthy
mas alto taller
mas bajo shorter
mas fuerte stronger
mas delgado skinnier
mas gordo fatter
mas inteligente smarter
kilos kilograms (weight)
esqueleto skeleton/body
mas rapido faster
mas lento slower
corazon heart
dormir sleeping
respirar breathing
saltar jumping
nadar swimming
encestar shooting hoops
fuerza strength
cansado tired
distraido distracted
poco humor bad mood
nuestra our
vuestra your
platos plates
lechuga lettuce
hamburguesa burger
zanahoria carrot
apio celery
naranja orange
manzana apple
fresa strawberry
platano banana
uvas grapes
azucar sugar
correr running
jugar playing
competir competing
deportivamente with sportsmanship
amistad friendship
compaƱerismo camaraderie/team spirit
mejor better
peor worst
sobrepeso overweight
cuida take care of
cuerpo body
solo only
Created by: mblanco79