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Learning languages

Outcomes Int, Unit 1

something good that you have done, usually after a lot of time and effort achievement a sense of achievement | an impressive/ remarkable/outstanding achievement Congratulations, it’s a remarkable achievement!
your strong wish to become successful at what you do, or to achieve a particular thing ambition an ambition to do something | realise/fulfil an ambition | have high ambitions He realised a lifelong ambition by meeting the queen. He had high ambitions when he started university.
to understand why it is good or special to appreciate Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
the most important parts of something that you should learn basics the basics of something let’s start with the basics
someone or something that produces good results without wasting time or effort efficient It's an efficient way to solve the problem
someone who is ashamed of something and worried about what other people will think of them embarrassed embarrassed by/about something | (too) embarrassed to do something We were embarrassed about the lack of food
facts that show if something is true evidence evidence of something | evidence that There’s some evidence that the situation is improving.
to say that something is bigger, better or more extreme than it really is to exaggerate greatly/grossly/wildly exaggerate something Stop exaggerating - things weren’t that bad!
to have just enough of something, so that you can do what you need to do to get by get by on/with something I got by on £500 a month when I was a student.
there is not very much of it, or it is not as good as it might be limited They have very limited ambitions
to learn something thoroughly so that you can do it very well to master master the art (of something) I’ve not quite mastered the art of making bread
if someone does their job well or badly, you can say they are a good or bad ___________ performer Our top performers can expect a big pay rise this year
to learn a new skill over a period of time and without a lot of effort to pick up She picked up some Spanish when she was living in Madrid
if you _________ a quality or ability, you have it to possess An effective leader can possess many different character traits
when a computer__________ information, it uses the information to do a particular task to process Humans have a limited ability to process information
to try hard to do something you find difficult to struggle struggle with something | struggle to do something We’re struggling to cope with the workload
something that is as much as is needed for a particular purpose sufficient be sufficient to do something There is sufficient evidence to believe he could speak many languages
to behave in a particular way to act act as if / act like / act as something Pip acted as if he was better than everyone else. Stop acting like a baby. We often need local people to act as guides
if you _______ what someone is saying, you hear it and understand it to catch Can you say that again? I didn’t quite catch it. They spoke so fast I didn’t catch anything at all
to come towards someone to come up come up to someone or something A girl came up and started talking to me
a group of people working together with special skills a crew a film crew / a camera crew / TV crew The film crew were making a political documentary. The plane crashed, killing two of the crew and four passengers.
to use cameras and recording equipment to make a film for television or the cinema we were filming in Sumatra |o | the last two episodes were filmed on location (away from the studio) to film The movie was filmed in England. They filmed the main scenes in the studio.
a movement of your hand or arm which you do to help make yourself understood, often at the same time as you are speaking a gesture Using mostly gesture, I explained that they were in the wrong street.
a ____________ happens when someone doesn’t understand something (a situation, a question) misunderstanding a total/complete/slight misunderstanding | a misunderstanding arises | to avoid misuderstanding It was all a complete misunderstanding. We have changed the words to avoid any misunderstanding
to fail to understand someone or something correctly misunderstand I misunderstood the doctor’s instructions. I think you’ve misunderstood what I’m saying.
a number of different things all together in the same place mixture a mixture of something I communicated with a mixture of Chinese and gesture
an overnight activity is one that starts in the evening and continues through the night until the next morning overnight My dad took an overnight train to Prague. They stayed overnight in a hotel
official documents such as a passport or identity card papers A policeman asked him for his papers. I hope my papers are in order (all correct).
to do something or go somewhere quickly because you are in a hurry to rush rush to do something | rush someone somewhere I rushed out of the house (left the house very quickly). We had to rush her to the doctor.
to start to live somewhere permanently to settle Between 1826 and 1852, many Europeans settled in North. They chose to settle in RiAmerica.
the way someone says words and shows what country or region they come from accent a slight/strong/heavy accent | a foreign accent | to lose accent She speaks with an American accent
something that is correct or true in every detail accurate an accurate calculation/prediction We need to get accurate measurements
Created by: AnastasiaVZ
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