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spanish ch 5 &6

Ya no hablaba más de los toros he/she/I wasn't talking about the bulls anymore
La familia no la odiaba the family didn't hate her
Todavía extrañaba a su familia he/she still missed his/her family
Tendría he/she/I would have
Cosas divertidas fun things
Quería ver he/she/I wanted to see
Conocer mejor to get to know better
Tal vez perhaps/maybe
Yo nací en los Estados Unidos I was born in the United States
Ana nunca había visto un partido de fútbol Ana had never seen a soccer game before
Vale okay
Dejó de llorar he/she stopped crying
Sonriendo smiling
Riéndose laughing
Te quedaste you stayed
Te perdiste you missed
Premio prize, award
Evitar to avoid
Debido a lo que había dicho due to what he/she/I had said
Son they/y'all are
Somos we are
No cabían bien todos they/y'all didn't all fit well
El odio (the) hate/hatred
Odiar to hate
Su enojo his/her/their anger
Enojar to anger
Me cae bien I like him/her
Su único amigo his/her/their only friend (male)
Created by: Meltemb