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Mendicant Beggar Noun A mendicant begs Panhandler, pauper, tramp, moocher, vagabond, bum, vagrant, bankrupt, spiv, shirker, sponge, cadger, supplicant, Imperative, princess, self starter
Ubiquitous Being everywhere, omnipresent Adjective Ubiquitous pollution Universal, prevalent, pervasive, frequent, broad, general, limitless, extensive, widespread, commonplace, endless, inclusive Rare, absent, scarce, infrequent, sporadic, aleatory, unique, uncommon, limited, unusual, occasional, shabby, aberrant, ragged
Credulity Belief on slight evidence, gullibility, naivete Noun The credulity of young children Faith, naivety, credence, sureness, certainty, dependence, susceptibility, store, credit, stock, surety, reliance, innocence Disbelief, suspicion, deliberation, wariness, caution, cautiousness, mistrust, circumspection, care, watchful Ness, discrimination, forecast, heedfulness, judiciousness, precaution, providence, scrupulosity, wile, agnosticism,
Disparage Belittle Verb To disparage rivals Depriciate, deprecate, decry, denigrate, vilify, slander, defame, diminish, minimize, derogate, discredit, malign, criticize, put down Flatter, praise, highlight, compliment, commend, laund, appreciate, benefit, sanction, applaud, celebrate, approve, galvanize, accept, cherish
Condescend Bestow courtesies with a superior air Verb May condescend to talk Deign, stoop, patronize, descend, lower oneself, vouchsafe, submit, talk down to, humble oneself, lower, bend, comply, concede Ascend, respect, appreciation, rise above, connection, admiration, awe, deferential, protest, stern, bicker, reverence, worship, deference, reference
Diatribe Bitter scolding, invective Noun To deliver or to write a diatribe against dowry Harangue, tirade, fulmination, jeremiad, Philippic, abuse, denunciation, vituperation, rant, screed, blame, onslaught, speech, declamation Honor, praise, recommendation, exaltation, congratulations, adulation, acclaim, worship, admiration, credit, eulogy, fame, compliment, applause, encomium, Thanks, kudos, approval, protect, commendation, tribute, puff, glory, guard
Rancor Bitterness, hatred Noun Tibetan rancor for China Hostility, malevolence, enmity, resentment, spite, antipathy, cruelty, gall, animosity, hate, acrimony, I'll will, acerbity Kindness, helpfulness, benevolence, blessing, fruit of the spirit, love, amity, friendship, charity, respect, sympathy, goodwill, cordiality, passion
Denigrate Blacken Verb Jokes that denigrate women drivers and sardars Disparage, deprecate, bell8tle, defame, depreciate, decry, smear, vilify, slander, minimize, asperse, calumniate, besmirch, derogate, sully Praise, commend, compliment, glorify, boost, extol, cherish, approve, laud, maximize, acclaim, admiration, applaud, flatter, exalt
Chauvinist Blindly devoted patriot, zealous adherent of a group or cause Noun A male chauvinist Jingoist, patriot, jingo, nationalist, flag-waver, hundred-percent er, patrioteer, hawk, se ist, belligerent, bigot, racist, loyalist, Pacifist, global citizen, non-biased, tolerant, grass, internationalist, philogynist, peacenik, collaborator
Temerity Boldness, rashness Noun Had the temerity to question the expert Audacity, nerve, impudence, effrontery, brass, cheek, foolhardiness, presumption, indiscretion, overconfidence, insolence, recklessness, gall Caution, cowardice, hesitation, care, timidity, shyness, wariness, modesty, reticence, caveat, carefulness, timorousness, humility
Branching out, subdivision Noun Capillaries result from the ramification of veins
Brief and to the point Adjective Laconic answers to long questions
Brief, comprehensive, summary Verb Compendium of facts
Brief, terse, compact Adjective Succinct as a telegram
Cajole, coax, deceive by flattery Verb To wheedle favors
Calm, not easily disturbed Adjective Phlegmatic in crisis
Equanimity Calmness of temperament, composure Noun Face opposition with equanimity
Cancel Verb To rescind a law
Cancel, remove Verb To expunge remarks from the record
Malleable Capable of being shaped by pounding, impressionable Adjective
Complication, consequence, bifurcation, upshot, branch, breaking, division, excrescence, divarication, extension forking, offshoot, outgrowth, partition, radiation, result, sequel, subdividing Cause, origin, source, juncture, union, unity, whole
Created by: Pnr2
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