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reprieve cancel or postpone
revile criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner
sardonic grimly mocking or cynical
semblance the outward appearance of something
abridge shorten (a piece of writing) without losing the sense
abscond to leave hurriedly
admonish advise or urge
arbiturary random
arduous difficult and tiring
auspicious conductive to success, favorable
brazen bold and without shame, brave
catalyst a substance that increases a chemical reaction without undergoing any permanent change
circumspect wary and unwilling to take risks
commandeer take possession of something with authority
compensate to pay someone for working
condone accept and allow to continue
credible beliveable
daunt to make someone feel intimidated
defray provide money
diffuse spread apart
disentangle to untangle
dissolute lax in morals
doleful expressing sorrow
eminent famous and respected within a particular sphere or profression
erratic unpredictable
facilitate to make something easy
fated destined to happened
rebut claim or prove that evidence is false
fortify to upgrade or to strengthen something
ghastly causing great horror or fear
hoodwink to trick or fool someone
impoverished poor, poverty, homeless
inanimate lifeless
incorrigible not able to be corrected
intrepid fearless
intricate difficult to understand
irate feeling great anger
latent hidden or concealed
lucid vivid, life like
lucrative producing a great deal of profit
mediocre in the middle
militant person with military backround
exodus mass departure of people
paramount more important than anything else
perennial lasting for a longtime
pilfer to steal
posthumous occurring or appearing after the death of the originator
proliferate increasing rapidly in numbers
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