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Human Trafficking 2

Lexical Units and Definitions

Debt bondage A form of contemporary slavery in which a person pledges themselves against a loan.
Destination The place where a person is to be trafficked to.
Commodity A good or a service that is exchanged for money.
Exploitation The act of using something in an unjust or cruel manner.
Forced labour A generic or collective term for those work relations in which people are employed against their will by the threat of destitution, detention, violence (including death), or other extreme hardship to themselves, or to members of their families.
Forced marriage It is a term used to describe a marriage in which one or both of the parties is married without his or her consent or against his or her will.
Slavery It is the state of being under the control of another person
Smuggling of people The aim of this process is the unlawful cross-border transport in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, a financial or other material benefit.
Source The place where something begins, i.e. the place from where a person is recruited to be trafficked.
Transition It is the act of passing from one state or place to the next.
Arranged marriage It is a marriage arranged by someone other than the couple getting wedded, curtailing or avoiding the process of courtship.
Child labour The employment of children at regular and sustained labour.