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YSHS Pre-alg Ch3

Pre alg ch.3 vocab

Standard U.S. system of measurement
Metric System of measurement used world wide (Except for in the United States.)
Furlong 220 Yds. / 8 furlongs = 1 mile
Inch 2.54 cm
foot 12 in.
yard 3 feet
mile 5280 ft
Multiplication property of Equality When equal quantities are multiplies by the same number the resulting quantities are equal.1 mi. = 5280 ft1.7 x 1 Mi. = 1.7 X 5280 ft1.7 mi. = 8976 ft
ounce The base unit for liquid measure in the standard system of measurement
pound 16 ounces
Short ton 2000 Lbs.
Cup 8 Fl. Oz
Fluid ounce measurement of capacity
Pint two cups
quart two pints
gallon four quarts
International Metric system
Milli Used for small items such as perfume..001
Centi Used for small items such as the diameter of an asprin.01
kilo Heavier weights Distance between cities.1000
Meter The base unit of length in the metric system
Gram The base unit of weight in the metric system
Liter The base unit of volume in the metric system
Ray A line that goes on forever in one direction.
End point of a ray angle Starting point of two rays that start in the same place.
< ABC Angle ABC
Vertex of an angle End point of a ray angle
Degree a unit for measurement of an angle that is = to 1/360
Center of a protractor The mid point of the baseline protractor. The midpoint is placed over the vertex of the angle being measured.
Central angle An Angle whos vertex is the center of a circle. (Like a slice of pie)
Right Angle An angle that is 90 degrees
Area Square A measure of the space inside a two dimensional figure
Square units A square whose sides are one unit long
Hectare 10,000 square meters
volume The measure of space inside an objectA.K.A. Capacity
Capacity The measure of space inside an object A.K.A.Volume
cube A dimensional figure with Six square faces
cubic having the volume of a cube whose length, width, and depth (or height) each measure the given unit ie. CC, Cu in, Cu ft
units Volume of a figure
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