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SPAN 232 Vocab

haber to have
haber present he has ha/hay hemos habéis han
haber preterite hube hubiste hubo hubimos hubisteis hubieron
past participles -ar = ado -er/-ir = ido
preterite -ar é aste ó amos asteis aron
preterite -er/-ir í iste ió imos isteis ieron
imperfect -ar aba abas aba ábamos abais aban
imperfect -er/-ir ía ías ía íamos íais ían
se impersonal put 'se' in front of verb to make it done by no specific person
ser passive ser+pass participle+por = eg the pizza was eaten by the children
atribuir to attribute
conocimiento knowledge
el cuento story
destacar to highlight
la encarnación embodiment
encarnar to embody
el enfoque approach/focus
enriquecer to enrich
entorno surroundings
la fuente source
heredar to inherit
herencia inheritence/heritage
legado heritage
incluir to include
madera wood
el paisaje landscape
la propiedad property
proteger to protect
reconocer to recognize
salvaguardar to protect/safeguard
sencillo simple
siglo century
superar to overcome
el valor value
vinculado linked
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