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WTW - 4.8 -ity& -ty

Words their Way Unit 4.8 Adj to Nouns -ity& -ty

gay --> gaiety the state of being happy and cheerful. The family reunion brought gaiety to our quiet home.
puber --> puberty the stage or age at which a person experiences the maturation of the reproductive system The onset of puberty causes many changes in a persons body.
subtle --> subtlety the condition of being difficult to detect or define; elusive or ambiguous The subtlety of the spices used in the soup allows the flavors of the vegetables to come through.
traves --> travesty a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something. The unethical, self-serving practices of these reporters represent a travesty of honest journalism.
uncertain --> uncertainty the condition or quality of being not known for sure; not definite The doctor's uncertainty about the cause of her son's illness made her very worried.
warrant --> warranty a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time. the car comes with a three-year warranty
passive --> passivity receiving an action without acting in return, or not responding to something that might affect one. He remained passive when the bully hit him. The spectators were passive at the game tonight.
stupid --> stupidity the condition of being dull or slow in intelligence; stupidness; a stupid act or idea. I can't believe my own stupidity
timid --> timidity not bold or confident with other people; shy; lack of courage or confidence. You might be shy, but as you get more comfortable, your timidity will go away.
valid --> validity the quality or condition of being valid (or accurate, logical, or correct) We can't be sure of the validity of this statement because there is no evidence offered.
human --> humanity the race of human beings; people All of humanity has the same needs for food, water, and clean air.
dense --> density the state or condition of having parts very close together with little space between The density of houses in the city makes some people feel that they have no privacy
creative --> creativity
loyal --> loyalty
anxious --> anxiety
equal --> equality
civil --> civility
abnormal --> abnormality
probable --> probability
-i┬Ěty [or] -ty a suffix that means "condition" or "quality." Anxiety is a condition of being anxious. Loyalty is the quality of a loyal person.
Created by: GatorSpeller