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Vocab Test:

Units 1-4

FACERE, FACTUM (FAC) to make; to do
Discomfit to embarrass and confuse
Edification an improvement or enlightenment
Malfeasance misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official
Surfeit the condition of being too full; an overabundance
OPS, OPIS (OPUS) wealth; power; resource
Magnum Opus the greatest work of an artist, writer, or composer
Modus Operandi a specific manner of working
Opulent possessing or exhibiting great wealth; affluent
ERGON (ERG) work
Synergy the power that results from the combination of two or more forces
Liturgy a pattern of prayer or worship
Lethargy a state of sluggishness, inactivity, and apathy
Laborious requiring mental or physical effort
Belabor to discuss in too much detail
Elaborate to explain in great detail
STARE, STANTUM (STA,STI) to stand; to stay
Stanch to stop the flow of
Staunch firm and steadfast
Extant still in existence; not destroyed
Restive resisting authority; difficult to control (restless; fidgety)
PONERE, POSITUM (POS) to put, plus
Apropos with regard to
Depose to remove from office or power
Static having no motion or change
Ecstasy an intense joy or delight
Stasis a condition in which there is no change
ESSE (ENT,ESS) to be
Entity a being
Essence the most important ingredient; the crucial element
Quintessential the most typical, ideal, or important
Verdure greenery; fresh and ripe vegetation
Verdant green; lush with vegetation
Viridity a lack of experience; an innocence
CANDIDUS (CAND) white, pure
CANDERE, CANDITUM (CAND) to glow; to burn
Candid open and sincere
Candor a frankness or sincerity of expression; an openness
Incandescent shining brilliantly
PALLERE (PALL) to be pale
Pallor an extreme or unnatural palemess
Pallid lacking color; dull
Appall to fill with horror or disapproval
LIVIDUS (LIVID) bluish-black
Livid enraged; furious
NIGER (NIGR) black
Denigrate to attack the character of; to mock
PECCARE, PECCATUM (PEC to sin; to be flawed
Peccadillo a small sin or fault
Impeccable having no flaws
Peccant violating a moral law; sinful
Pejorative negative and critical; insulting
Impair to cause to diminish in strength, value, or quality
Malign to speak of maliciously; to insult
Malinger to pretend to be sick in order to avoid something
Malaise a sense of unease; depression
NEGLEGERE (NEG) to neglect
Negligent not properly attentive
Negligible unimportant; insignificant
Negate to cancel the effect of; to nullify
Created by: sarah23me1
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