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4th grade WIG 19-20

self control control of one's feelings or behavior (noun)
factor a number that is multiplied by another number to give a product
multiple a number that contains another number an exact number of times, with no remainder: 4 and 6 are ______________of 2
advocate to speak or act in favor of (verb) You need to be able to speak up when it is necessary
numerator the number above or to the left of the line in a fraction (noun)
denominator the number that is below or to the right of the line in a fraction (noun)
acquire to get or learn something (verb)
sustain to support, or keep going (verb)
peculiar unusual or strange (adjective)
sufficient enough; as many as are needed (adjective)
revise to rewrite or reorganize something in order to correct, update, or improve it (verb)
rotation a single turn of something around an axis or a fixed point; spinning (noun)
interpret to tell, explain, or understand the meaning of something (verb)
refraction the bending of a light or energy wave when it passes through certain mediums (noun)
regulate to control your feelings and emotions by being proactive and in control to be able to adjust when things happen out of your circle of control (verb)
articulate to speak or express in a clear way, not mumbling, yelling or screaming
integrate to bring different ideas, things, or groups of people together (verb)
generate to produce or create (verb)
revolution one complete circle made by a planet along its orbital path around another celestial body (noun)
reflection an image made by light bouncing off a surface, such as a mirror (noun)
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