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Unit 7 Vocabulary


spec to look
scope to examine, to view
tang/tact to touch
spectulate to think about something and/ or make guesses about it; to make ideas of theories about
spectator a person watching/ viewing an event
spectacle a very impressive show, a show that attracts someone
kalidascope a tube that has mirrors and loose pieces of colored glass or plastic inside at one end so that you see many different patterns when you turn the tube while looking in through the other end
microscopic only able to be seen through a microscope, very small
horoscope advice and predictions based on someone's birthday and the positions of the stars and planets
tangible easily seen or recognized
contagious having a sickness that can be spread to others easily
contiguous used to describe things that are close to or immediately next to eachother
tactile relating to the sense of touch
Created by: olivia.manos