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alquilar to rent
hablar to speak
decir to tell
amar to love
bailar to dance
ayudar to help
andar to walk
pasear to walk (stroll or enjoy the trip)
caminar to walk (inanimate object)
cocinar to cook
cantar to sing
tocar to touch; to play instruments
tomar to take; to drink
traer to bring
leer to read
mirar to watch; to see (intentionally)
ver to see (UNintentionally)
escuchar to listen to
oír to hear (non-reflexive)
bailar to dance
bañar to bathe (non-reflexive)
duchar to shower someone (non-reflexive)
bajar to step down; to go down
subir to go up
buscar to search for; to look for
comprar to buy
pagar to pay (for)
contestar to answer
dejar to allow; to let; to leave
desear to desire
querer to want
esperar to wait for; to hope
dibujar to draw (picture)
pintar to paint
entrar to enter
enviar to send
enseñar to teach
estudiar to study
firmar to sign
ganar to win; to earn
gastar to spend money
lavar to wash
llevar to wear; to take; to carry
limpiar to clean (inanimate object)
llegar to arrive
mandar to send; to order
necesitar to need
olvidar to forget
practicar to practice
preguntar to ask question
preparar to prepare
regresar to return (from someplace)
volver to return; to come back
devolver to return (something)
pasar to pass
sacar to take out; to remove
saludar to greet
secar to dry (non-reflexive)
terminar to end; to finish
trabajar to work
usar to use
probar to try (non-reflexive)
viajar to travel
visitar to visit
volar to fly
hacer to do; to make
despertar to wake up (non-reflexive)
levantar to get up (non-reflexive)
desayunar to have breakfast
ir to go
empezar to start
comenzar to begin; to commence
comer to eat
beber to drink
tener to have
vender to sell
acostar to put to bed (non-reflexive)
dormir to sleep
pesar to weigh
medir to measure (length)
pescar to fish
nadar to swim
bucear to dive
navegar to sail
conducir to drive
montar to ride
celebrar to celebrate
crear to create
aprender to learn
comprender to comprehend (deeper understanding)
entender to understand (superficial understanding/ common)
encontrar to find
saber to know (fact)
conocer to know (person, location, place)
contener to contain
saltar to jump
fijar to fix
reparar to repair
desarrollar to develop
venir to come
poder to be able
dar to give
gustar to like
encantar to love
compartir to share
explicar to explain
casar to marry (non-reflexive)
creer to believe
pensar to think
convertir to convert (non-reflexive)
salir to go out
ofrecer to offer
planear to plan
plantar to plant
discutir to discuss
pelear to fight (physical)
debatir to debate
jugar to play
seguir to follow
girar to turn
parar to stop
llamar to call
descansar to rest
conseguir to achieve
haber to have
poner to put
quedar to stay; to remain (non-reflexive)
recibir to receive (non-reflexive)
vivir to live
cambiar to change
mover to move
mudar to change (non-reflexive)
añadir to add
reducir to reduce
restar to substract
multiplicar to multiply
dividir to divide
aburrir to bore
preferir to prefer
elegir to choose
perforar to perforate
coger to grab; to take
calentar to heat
enfriar to cool
tirar to throw (non-reflexive)
agarrar to catch; to hold
capturar to capture
atrapar to trap
cazar to hunt
congelar to freeze (food)
quemar to burn
hervir to boil
cortar to cut
recalentar to reheat
correr to run
disparar to shoot
cruzar to cross
rezar to pray
sentar to sit (non-reflexive)
aclamar to cheer
servir to serve
fregar to wash; to clean (with water)
frotar to scrub
afeitar to shave (Non-reflexive)
conservar to maintain
mantener to hold (non-reflexive)
vestir to dress (non-reflexive)
diseñar to design
construir to build
destruir to destroy
abandonar to abandon
recordar to remember
cotillear to gossip
charlar to chat
contar to count; to tell
parecer to seem
robar to steal
morder to bite
picar to sting
herir to wound
curar to heal
analizar to analyze
diagnosticar to diagnose
decidir to decide
pulir to polish
suavizar to soften
planchar to iron
empujar to push
tirar to drag
pegar to hit
golpear to hurt
llover to rain
sonreír to smile
reír to laugh (non-reflexive)
llorar to cry
gritar to shout
agotar to exhaust
intercambiar to swap; to exchange
engañar to deceive
mentir to lie
tender to hang (non-reflexive)
extender to extend
chupar to suck
soplar to blow
lamer to lick
tragar to swallow
respirar to breathe
cerrar to close
abrir to open
abofetear to slap
patear to kick
pinchar to jab
seducir to seduce
deletrear to spell (words)
acariciar to pet
deber to owe; to have to; to should
esconder to hide
meter to put into
prometer to promise
responder to respond; to answer
romper to break
temer to fear
admitir to admit
asistir to attend
cubrir to cover
describir to describe
descubrir to discover
existir to exist
omitir to omit
partir to divide
permitir to permit
sufrir to suffer
unir to unite
acertar to guess
acordar to remember (non-reflexive)
aprobar to approve
atravesar to cross (over something)
confesar to confess
gobernar to govern
helar to freeze (temperature)
mostrar to show (something)
nevar to snow
marchar to walk in steady way
sonar to sound
soñar to dream
temblar to tremble
tostar to toast
agradecer to thank
aparecer to appear
convencer to convince
crecer to grow
defender to defend
desaparecer to disappear
dirigir to direct
distinguir to distinguish
doler to hurt
ejercer to exercise
encender to light; to turn on
apagar to turn off
esparcir to spread; to scatter
establecer to establish
exigir to demand; to require
extinguir to extinguish
lucir to light up (display)
merecer to deserve
nacer to be born
obedecer to obey
perder to lose; to miss
permanecer to remain
pertenecer to belong
placer to please
protege to protect
sumergir to submerge
surgir to surge
torcer to twist
vencer to conquer; to defeat
zurcir to mend
mezclar to mix
esculpir to sculpt
abrazar to hug
marcharse to leave; to go away; to depart from a place
vestirse to dress
cavar to dig
colorear to color
competir to compete
fingir to pretend
luchar to struggle; to fight
patinar to skate
teledirigir to control remotely
controlar to control
controlarse to control (oneself)
rechazar to reject
aceptar to accept
conceder to grant; to give; to admit
quitar to remove; to take away; to eliminate (non-reflexive)
estornudar to sneeze
faltar to miss; to be missing
negar to deny
castigar to punish
caer to fall
tardar to take (time)
rodear to surround
plasmar to give expression/meaning to
formar to form
revalorizar to increase the value of
coincidir to coincide
demostrar to demonstrate
dedicarse to dedicate (reflexive)
filmar to film
transcurrir to elapse; to occur
trasladarse to move (places to live); to relocate (business, etc) (reflexive)
poseer to possess; to own
meter en to put into
merendar to have afternoon snack
llenar to fill
notar to notice
combinar to combine
comparar to compare
quejarse to complain (reflexive)
comercializar to commercialize
animar to encourage
desnudar to undress (non-reflexive)
comprobar to check; to prove
enjabonar to soap
peinar to comb
alzar to lift; to raise; to erect (non-reflexive)
brillar to shine
tratarse to be about
tutearse to dress each other as "tu"
despedirse to say goodbye
temblar to shake
otorgar to grant
marchitarse to wither (reflexive)
salpicar to splash; to taint
anidar to nest
perseguir to chase; to pursue; to persecute
ladrar to bark
aullar to howl
ocultar to conceal
Created by: Gusticputra
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