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ch 6 irregular verbs

(present tense only)

cerrar to close
yo cierro i close
él cierra he closes
empezar to begin
yo empiezo i begin
ella empieza she begins
pensar to think
yo pienso i think
ella piensa she thinks
almorzar to lunch
yo almuerzo i lunch
él almuerza he lunches
encontrar to find
él encuentra he finds
yo encuentro i find
recordar to remember
yo recuerdo i remember
él recuerda he remembers
jugar to play
yo juego i play
nosotros jugamos we play
ella juega she plays
entender to understand
yo entiendo i understand
nosotros entendemos we understand
perder to lose
yo pierdo i lose
tú pierdes you lose
tener to have
yo tengo i have
nosotros tenemos we have
querer to want
yo quiero i want
tú quieres you want
devolver to return (something), to give back
yo devuelvo i return something
ella devuelve she returns something
poder to be able to, can, may
yo puedo i may/am able to
tú puedes you are able to/may
nosotros podemos we are able to/may
volver to return
yo vuelvo i return
ella vuelve she returns
hacer to do, make
yo hago i make/do
tú haces you do/make
poner to put
yo pongo i put
ella pone she puts
saber to know (a fact), to know how
yo sé i know (a fact), know how
tú sabes you know(a fact), know how
ver to see
yo veo i see
tú ves you see
mentir to lie
preferir to prefer
yo miento i lie
tú mientes you prefer
yo prefiero i prefer
tú prefieres you prefer
venir to come
yo vengo i come
tú vienes you come
ella viene she comes
pedir to ask for/ to request
yo pido i ask for/request
seguir to follow, to continue
tú sigues you follow, continue
sonreír to smile
yo sonrío i smile
tú sonríes you smile
repetir to repeat
yo repito i repeat
tú repites you repeat
sevir to serve
yo sirvo i serve
dormir to sleep
yo duermo i sleep
tú duermes you sleep
nosostros dormimos we sleep
oír to hear
yo oigo i hear
nosotros oímos we hear
tú oyes you hear
ella oye she hears
salir to leave
yo salgo i leave
tú sales you leave
nosotros salimos we leave
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