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Unit 5 vocabulary

anecdote a short account of an incident in someone's life
anecdote synonyms tale, story, sketch, vignette, yarn
consolidate (v.) to combine, unite; to make solid or firm
consolidate synonyms strengthen, firm up, merge
consolidate antonyms scatter, disperse, dissipate
counterfeit (n.) an imitation designed to deceive; (adj.) not genuine, fake; (v.) to make an illegal copy
Counterfeit Synonyms false, phony, bogus
Counterfeit Antonyms genuine, real, authentic
docile (adj.) easily taught, led, or managed; obedient
docile synonyms manageable, teachable, pliant
docile antonyms unruly, wayward, intractable, disobedient
dominate (v.) to rule over by strength or power, control; to tower over, command due to height
dominate synonyms govern, overlook
entreat to beg, implore, ask earnestly
entreat synonyms plead, appeal to
entreat antonyms clamor for
fallible capable of being wrong, mistaken, or inaccurate
Fallible Synonyms errant, flawed
Fallible Antonyms foolproof, unfailing, flawless
fickle (adj.) liable to change very rapidly, erratic; marked by a lack of constancy or steadiness, inconsistent
fickle synonyms capricious, inconstant, faithless
fickle antonyms constant, steady
fugitive (n.) one who flees or runs away; (adj.) fleeting, lasting a very short time; wandering; difficult to grasp
fugitive synonyms deserter, elusive
Fugitive Antonyms lasting, enduring, permanent
grimy very dirty, covered with dirt or soot
grimy synonyms filthy, sooty, soiled, dirt-encrusted
grimy antonyms spotless, spick-and-span, immaculate
iota a very small part or quantity
iota synonyms speck, dab, jot, bit, smidgen
Iota Antonyms flood, deluge, avalanche, glut
maul (v.) to beat or knock about, handle roughly; to mangle; (n.) a heavy hammer
maul synonyms manhandle, batter
potential possible, able to happen; something that can develop or become a reality
Potential Synonyms possibility, capability
potential antonyms actual, real, unlikely, impossible
radiant (adj.) shining, bright; giving forth light or energy
Radiant Synonyms glowing, brilliant, dazzling, resplendent
radiant antonyms dull, tarnished, lackluster
rural relating to farm areas and life in the country
Rural Synonyms countrified, pastoral
Rural Antonyms metropolitan, citified
substantial (adj.) large, important; major, significant; prosperous; not imaginary, material
substantial synonyms considerable, tangible, big
Substantial Antonyms minor, insignificant, negligible
tactful (adj.) skilled in handling difficult situations or people, polite
Tactful synonyms skillful, discreet
Tactful Antonyms clumsy, gauche, indiscreet
tamper (v.) to interfere with; to meddle rashly or foolishly with; to handle in a secret and improper way
Tamper synonyms monkey with, fool with, mess with
ultimate (adj.) last, final; most important or extreme; eventual; basic, fundamental
Ultimate Synonyms farthest, furthest, terminal
Ultimate Antonyms first, initial, most immediate, nearest
uncertainty doubt, the state of being unsure
Uncertainty Synonyms doubtfulness, unsureness
uncertainty antonyms sureness, certainty, confidence
Created by: lcanty
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