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Spanish 1 vocab 4

Spanish vocab ch 4

abierto open
amable kind
apurado in a hurry
bonito pretty, good-looking
caliente hot
cansado tired
carinoso white-haired
cerrado closed
contento happy, glad
divertido fun
enfermo sick
frio cold
guapo good-looking, handsome
libre free
limpio clean
loco crazy
mas more
nervioso nervous
nuestro our
ocupado busy, occupied
otro other, another
popular popular
su, sus his, her, its, yours, theirs
sucio dirty
todo all, every, whole
triste sad
tu, tus your, yours
unico only, unique, ultimate
aburrido bored, boring
alto tall, high
bajo short, low
bueno good
calvo bald
canoso white-haired
comico comical, funny
dificil difficult
dulce sweet
egoista selfish
delgado thin
facil easy
feo ugly
generoso generous
gordo fat
horrible horrible
ideal ideal
importante important
inteligente intelligent
intersante interesting
lento slow
malo bad
moreno brunette, dark-hair and skin
pelirrogo red-haired
rapido rapid, fast
rubio blond
tonto silly
abuelo grandfather
abuela grandmother
esposo husband
esposa wife
hermano brother
hermana sister
hijo son
hija daughter
padre father
madre mother
nieto grandson
nieta granddaughter
padres parents
patiente male relative
parienta female relative
primo male cousin
prima female cousin
sobrino nephew
sobrina niece
tio uncle
tia aunt
bis great
beisbol baseball
compra purchase
futbol soccer
me me
mi/ mis me (after preposition)
nos us
partido game
taria homework
la radio radio
la television, la tele television
tenis tennis
ti you (after preposition)
casa house
la foto (grafia) photo
mucho much, a lot
nunca never
para for, in order to
playa beach
por for
que +(adjective) how
tiempo time
verano summer
bailar to dance
cantar to sing
comprar to buy (to shop)
contestar to answer
gustar to like; to be nice
ir de compras to go shopping
jugar (u-ue) a to play a sport
mirar to look
nadar to swim
oir to hear
patinar skate
patinar sobre ruedas to inline skate
patinar sobre hielo to ice skate
tocar to play an instrument
salir to go out
vivir to live
quiero I want, I love
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