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E10 Vocabulary

All the Words of the Day for Semester 1

contempt the feeling of intense dislike and a lack of respect for someone/something
sated satisfied to the fullest
catharsis The process of releasing, and providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions
anarchist someone who disrespects laws or rules
brazen acting in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment
auspicious containing a promise of success or good omens for future
facade deceptive appearance
deflect Turn or make go to one side
reverence Deep respect for someone or something
sententious Expressing a lot in a few words, preachy
sultry Oppressively hot or moist, inflamed
transcend Go above and beyond limits ; exceed
absolve To set or declare someone free from blame, guilt , or responsibility
lament to express sorrow or regret; to mourn aloud
calamity An event causing great damage or distress
prevail Prove more powerful than opposing forces
vile extremely unpleasant
assuage make less severe or burdensome
indigenous occurring or living naturally in an area
malevolent having or exhibiting hatred
vexation irritation or annoyance
impertinent Inappropriate rude action
inert Lacking the power to move, inactive
volition The power to make your own decisions or choices
taut Highly strung tense
ludicrous absurd, ridiculous.
unwieldy hard to manage because of shape or weigh
ravenous Wildly hungry
conspicuous easy to see
abominable Very bad or unpleasant
amiable being nice; displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
contentious causing or likely to cause an argument; tending to fight
dispensation immunity from a law or rule
fractious inclined to make trouble
vapid offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging
persevere to persist in a purpose, idea, or task
aloof removed or distant either physically or emotionally
benign compassionate; incapable of causing harm
ensue follow immediately after
prowess superior skill or ability; strength or courage
aberration deviations from the proper course
unfathomable difficult or impossible to understand
tacit unspoken; understood without being expressed
altercation an angry dispute; quarrel
formidable hard to overcome or deal with
obscure not clearly expressed; hard to
perish suffer death, ruin or destruction
quarrel an angry dispute or disagreement
acrimonious bitter, stinging, or caustic in nature or speech
expunge remove completely
discreet careful; good at keeping secrets
garishly something that is elaborate, showy, striking and in bad taste
turmoil a state of great commotion or unrest
acquiesce agree or consent by silence
elude avoid or escape by cleverness or speed
recluse a person shut off or apart from the world
subordinate someone who is lower in rank or of secondary importance
notoriety he state of being known for some unfavorable act or quality
squalid foul and repulsive
surly in a too proud and angry way
infirmity physical or mental defect
spare lean or thin
replication the act of making copies
affable friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to
augment to increase the size or amount
visage appearance of someone’s face
entreat to make an important request; ask for
prodigious impressively forceful ;
loath reluctant
construe interpret
surly in a too proud and angry way
construe interpret
loath reluctant
prodigious impressively forceful
entreat to make an important request; ask for
visage appearance of someone’s face
augment to increase the size or amount of something
affable friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to
chide tell somebody off; scold
firmament body of the sky
fawn to seek favor or approval by giving extra attention or praise
unassailable safe from being overtaken
apparition a ghostly appearing figure
covert hidden
disconsolate sad beyond comforting; inconsolable
isolation the condition of being located away from others
valiant having or showing heroism or courage
fret be agitated or irritated
mirth great merriment
vaunt show off
peevish easily irritated or annoyed, always whining or complaining
tarry leave slowly and hesitantly
erratic unpredictable
copious :large in number or quantity
bombastic high-sounding but with little meaning; inflated.
dour serious or grim
egregious outstandingly bad or outrageous
mundane boring
myopic nearsighted
innocuous Not harmful or offensive
lackadaisical feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm
coy feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm
nefarious Evil; vile; sinister; wicked.
negligent careless, inattentive
jocular jovial, playful, humorous
eloquent having or showing the ability to use language clearly and effectively
temperate to have medium or mild weather
fervent exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling
fervent a false or distorted representation of something, usually of something serious
harbinger A sign of something to come
immutable unable to be changed
loquacious talkative
allegory a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one
distinguish to recognize something or someone as being unique
research information gathered from a careful and diligent search
nuptial wedding, marriage
ilk a type of individual who is similar to others in a certain categoryt
convoluted extremely complex and difficult to follow
dearth a scarcity or lack of something
ephemeral l lasting for a brief period of time
epitome representative of an entire group; summary an example that represents or
languish lto be or become weak or dull; lose strength or vigor; fail to make progress or be successful
distraught so upset that one cannot behave normally
inundate overwhelm with things or people
pensive expressing or revealing sad thoughtfulness
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