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Midterm Exam Vocab

Munificent (of a gift or sum of money) larger or more generous than is usual or necessary.
Solvent having assets in excess of liabilities; able to pay one's debts.
Indigent poor; needy.
Conclusive (of evidence or argument) serving to prove a case; decisive or convincing.
Conducive making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.
Acrimonious (typically of speech or a debate) angry and bitter.
Deprivation the damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities in a society.
Extricate free (someone or something) from a constraint or difficulty.
Austerity sternness or severity of manner or attitude.
Witticism a witty remark.
Complaisant willing to please others; obliging; agreeable.
Uninterested not interested in or concerned about something or someone.
Aegis the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization.
Depreciate diminish in value over a period of time.
Impugn dispute the truth, validity, or honesty of (a statement or motive); call into question.
Debunk expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief).
Proceed begin or continue a course of action.
Equity the quality of being fair and impartial.
Derogatory showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
Immigrating come to live permanently in a foreign country.
Elucidate make (something) clear; explain.
Droll curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
Intrepid fearless; adventurous (often used for rhetorical or humorous effect).
Caricature a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.
Ludicrous so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous.
Assertive having or showing a confident and forceful personality.
Disparage regard or represent as being of little worth.
Mellow (of a person's character) softened or matured by age or experience.
Docile ready to accept control or instruction; submissive.
Mediate intervene between people in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.
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