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Vida y muerte cap 5

vocab from the book

acordarse de to remember
al + inf upon + inf
señalar to point at
tomar to take
disparar to shoot
confundido confused
temblar to tremble
ve go!
hazlo do it!
razón reason
culpa fault, blame
hacia toward
sudor sweat
apretar to squeeze
gatillo trigger
los disparos shots
sonar (o-ue) to sound
felicitar to congratulate
orgullo pride
de hecho in fact
remordimiento remorse
a través de across
me hice I became
manejar to manage
los negocios deals
probar to prove
valor courage, worth
empujar to push
poco a poco little by little
confianza confidence, faith
principal main
ganar to earn
plata (silver) money/"dough"
importar to import
provenientes coming from
el paso seguro safe crossing
tiendas stores
a cambio de in exchange for
recolectar to collect
a tiempo on time
brindar to provide
puesto de frutas fruit stand
la mensualidad monthly payments
ponerse a + inf to start doing (something)
discutir to argue, discuss
de repente suddenly
linda beautiful
dueños owners
estoy harta de I'm tired of
exigir to require, demand
impuestos taxes
corazón heart
tratar to treat
dar lástima to pity/feel sorry for sb
sobrevivir to survive
irse to leave
Created by: Mshan