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First semester Spanish final

Beber To Drink
Comer To Eat
Comprar To Buy
Correr To Run
Descansar To Rest
Dibujar To Draw
Estudiar To Study
Hacer La Tarea To do homework
Leer To Read
Mirar la television Watch tv
Trabajar To work
Aprender To learn
La escuela The school
El refesco The refreshments
Artisco Artist
Atletico Athlete
Bueno Good
Comico Funny
Desorganizado Disorganized
Estudioso Studious
Malo Bad
Organizado Organized
Perezoso Slow
Simpatico Symphathetic
Trabajador Worker
Joven Young
Alto Tall
Viejo Old
Contestar To answer
Enseñar To teach/show/demonstrate
Llegar To arrive
Necesitar To need
Sacar una Buena nota Get a good grade
Tomar apuntes Take notes
Nunca Never
Siempre Always
Mucho A lot
De vez en cuando Every once in awhile
Tarde Afternoon
Temprano Early
Casi Almost
Difìcil Difficult
Cansado Tired
Contento Happy
Deprimido Depressed
Emocionado Emotional
Enojado Angry
Nervioso Nervous
Ocupado Occupied/busy
Tranquilo Tranquil/calm
Triste Sad
Aburrido Bored
Divertido Entertaining
El cuaderno Notebook
El papel Paper
La mochila Backpack
Tener ganas de Want to
Tener hambre Hungry
Tener sed Sad
El almuerzo Lunch
La bebida The drink
La cena Dinner
Compartir To share
La comida The food
El desayuno Breakfast
El huevo Egg
El jugo Juice
La leche Milk
El pan Bread
La manzana Apple
Ahora Now
Abuela Grandmother
Hermano Brother
Hija Daughter
Madrastra Stepmother
Tio Uncle
Primo Cousin
Madre Mother
Padre Father
Vivir To live
Ya Already
Padrastro Stepfather
Gato Cat
Perro Dog
Cumpleaños Birthday
Cerrar To close
Empezar To start
Entender To understand
Pensar To think
Preferir To prefer
Querer To want
Los calcetines Socks
La camisa Shirt
La camiseta T-shirt
La chaqueta Jacket
Ir de compras Go shopping
Llevar To bring
Tener calor To be hot
Tener frio To be cold
Tener razon To be right
Created by: Wendygrace



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