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August The eighth month is ________. eighth month
auto Another word for car is ________. car
awe I gazed in ________ of the sunset. wonder
awful The food tastes yucky or ________. horrible
awkward uncomfortable
awning Above the windows are striped ________s. canopy
crawl You have to ________ before you walk. creep
fault This car dent is my ________. shortcoming
fawn I saw a ________ in the woods. young deer
hawk The ________ flew over head. bird
lawn Mow the ________. grass
maul He was ________ed by a lion. attack
pauper The ________ begged for food. poor person
shawl Put on this warm ________. wrap
claw Don't let the kitten ________ you. scratch
draw ________ me a picture. produce
law Speeding is against the ________.
raw The meat is not cooked or ________.
saw I used a ________ to cut the wood.
straw Sip the drink with a ________.
out The batter struck ________.
ouch When he fell, he said, "________!"
outfield The team is in the ________.
outlandish He wore _________ clothes. alien
outstanding The performance was _________. excellent
plow ________ the driveway. scrape
about What is your story ________?
around I hope you hang ________ more often.
count I can ________ to 100.
doubt I'm not sure, I have ________s.
fowl bird
gown She sleeps in a night ________.
mountain A big hill is a ________.
pout Do not whine or ________.
powder The ________y snow is not good for making snowballs.
shout ________ or yell for help.
bow ________ down when you see the queen. show respect
eyebrow He raised his ________s when the boy misbehaved.
snowplow Use a ________ to plow the snow.
boy He is a good ________.
oily Her hair is not dry, but ________.
boil ________ the water.
coil The snake _______ed. spring
coin I found a rare ________. money
decoy The ________ was used to distraction
embroider My grandma ________ed the picture. sew
hoist ________ or lift the rock. lift
join I want to ________ the club. be a part of
loin I like to eat pork ________. ribs
loiter Do not ________ around. hand around
alloy The jewelry is made of an ________. mixed metal
convoy We drove by a ________ of antique cars. group
corduroy My pants are made of ________.
soy I put ________ sauce on my rice.
toy I played with my new ________.
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