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Ch. 13-14B

Walk Two Moons Ch.13-14 B

clobbering to strike violently and repeatedly In the book "The Outsiders" Johnny's father had been constantly _______ Johnny. n/a to hit someone badly
deprived lacking in advantage, opportunity, or experience Children that work in sweatshops are ________ from everything. rich having barely nothing
anonymous having an unknown or unacknowleged name The author of the book was _______ so nobody knew who wrote it. well known not letting people know who you are
gouged dug The other day I _____a big hole with by friends. fill digging for something
prodded to jabe or poke My little sister ______me yesterday and I hate that! n/a to touch others
skeptical marked by or given doubt I was ____ after I sang my choir audition because I didn't do so good. trust not understanding
Created by: Lindsay