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AP Lang Vocab 2


Ascetic(adj) Shunning Pleasures; Self Denying; Austere
Ascetic(n) A person who shuns and lives simply
Chagrin(n) Embarrassment; mortification; disappointment
Chagrined(adj) Ashamed; mortified
Compunction(n) Regret; remorse; misgiving; qualm; scruple
Contrite(adj) Showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing
Contrition(n) Repentance
Dejected(adj) Sad; in low spirits
Dejection(n) Lowness of spirits; sadness;depression
Disconsolate(adj) Cheerless;inconsolable
Disgruntled(adj) In bad humor; displeased
Doleful(adj) causing grief or sadness; mournful
Glum(adj) Moody;gloomy;dour
Lament(v) To mourn; to deplore
Lamentable(adj) Pitiable; rueful
Maudlin(adj) Weakly sentimental and tearful
Nostalgia(n) Homesickness
Nostalgic(adj) Homesick
Pathetic(adj) Arousing pity
Pensive(adj) Thoughtful in a sad way
Plight(n) Unfortunate state
Poignant(adj) Painfully touching
Sullen(adj) Resentfully silent
Throes(n pl) Anguish;pangs
Tribulation(n) Suffering; distress
Created by: jaiden.laney