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Aim High 2 Unit 2

revisions for the quiz (vocab)

(n) a wound an injury to a part of a body
(adj) destined certain to happen
(v) to recuperate to become healthy again after an illness or an accident
(v) to battle to try very hard to deal with a dangerous situation
(prep) towards in the direction of somebody or something
(v) to set off to leave on a journey
(adj) outstanding extremely good at something
(v) to hold something strongly to grip (something)
(adj) sharp having a thin adge that can cut things easily
(v) to head for to move in the direction of a place
(v) to sink to go under the surface of a soft object
(n) survival instinct the natural force that helps us in dangerous situations
(v) to rush to do something quickly
(n) a sponsor a business that pays sports stars to advertise their services or products
(adv) face down with the front towards the ground. Also spelt "facedown"
(ph. v) to set something aside to keep or save something for later
(ph. v) to set something back to delay the progress of somebody or something
(ph. v) to set somebody down to stop to let a passenger go out
(ph. v) to set in to arrive ans stay for a period of time, especially an illness or bad weather
(ph. v) to set off to start a journey
(ph. v) to set on somebody to attack somebody suddenly
(prep) through moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location). "stepping boldly through the doorway"
(prep) across from one side to the other of (a place, area, etc.). "I ran across the street"
(prep) along moving in a constant direction on (a more or less horizontal surface). "soon we were driving along a narrow road"
(exp) to play a joke on someone to trick somebody
(exp) to play along with someone or something to pretend to agree with someone
(exp) to play the fool to behave in a silly way
(exp) to play for time to do something slowly so you have more time to do it
(exp) to play something back to play something that is recorded on a machine
(exp) to play with fire to take a risk
(exp) to play it cool to be calm in a difficult situation
(exp) to play your cards right to use your opportunities well
Created by: EnglishwithMrDOT



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