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Chasing the Falconer

Book Review

Where did the judge send Meg and Aiden for their protection? Sunnydale Farm in Nebraska
What new last name did the judge give them? Eagleson
Where are Aiden and Meg's parents? Prison in Florida
Why is Miguel at the juvenile detention center? He committed manslaughter
Why is Seth Lowinger at the detention center? He was a computer hacker
What happened in the barn while Seth and Aiden were feeding the chickens? Aiden knocked over the lamp and started a fire
What does the word "fugitive" mean? Someone who is running from law enforcement.
What does the word "innocent" mean? Not guilty
Where did Aiden and Meg hide and finally get a few hours sleep the first full day on the run? In a barn they found on a farm
What animal did Aiden strongly dislike? Cows
Who is Frank Lindenaur? The CIA agent that could clear the Falconer's mom and dad.
Who is Emmanuel Harris? The FBI agent that arrested the Falconer's parents.
At the gas station, Meg told a lie to the attendant. What was the lie? That they were visiting their Aunt Cassie
What do Meg, Aiden, and the gas attendant that helps them all have in common? They had all spent time at Sunnydale Farm.
What are the conflicts that Aiden and Meg faced during their first two days on the run? Hunger, tiredness, and mosquitoes
Where do Aiden and Meg end up after talking to the gas station attendant? At a train station in Gibbon, Nebraska
Who did the kids run into in the train station? Miguel Reyes
Who does Aiden compare the situation to when they are trapped in the train? Mac Mulvey - a character from one of their dad's novels.
What crimes are Aiden, Meg, and Miguel guilty of committing? Grand Theft Auto, Breaking and Entering, and Stealing
How does Aiden feel about all of the crimes committed against the MacKinnon family? Guilty
How does the reader know how Aiden feels about the crimes committed against the MacKinnon family? He left a letter, apologizing.
What was the true story of why Miguel was at Sunnydale? He was guilty of shoving his evil stepfather down the stairs and killing him.
Who is Freddie? Miguel's brother
How does Freddie react to seeing Miguel, Aiden , and Meg? He was really angry to see them
Who goes to Colchester, Vermont? Agent Harris, Miguel, Aiden, and Meg
What happens to Miguel at the lake house? He gets shot in the shoulder
What happens at the end of the novel? Miguel goes to the hospital and Meg and Aiden get away.
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