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Noviembre 2018

Nuevas palabras de Noviembre 2018

captar to capture
cobarde coward
abasto supply
embolsar to collect
someter to subdue
afrontar to confront
untar to spread
amparo protection
dar a conocer to announce
fallo ruling
acatar to comply with
me hace falta I need
agredir to attack
denuncia report
desatar to untie
alejar to move away from
tambalearse to stagger
carecer to lack
declarar to testify
apostar por to opt for
emprender to undertake
presumir to show off
soler to use to
regazo lap
derrochar to squander
prestar to lend
prestar to provide
indulto pardon
borrón blot
borrón stain
borrón blemish
salpicar to taint
salpicar to splash
arrojar to throw
arrojar to produce
arrojar to vomit
rastrear to track
resaltar to stand out
resaltar to highlight
abundar to elaborate on
abundar to abound
abundar to agree with
irrumpir to burst into
desvanecer to dispel
desvanecer to fade
amagar to show signs of
amagar to threaten
desestimar to look down on
desestimar to belittle
reclamo complaint
reclamo lure
ajustar to regulate
ajustar to fit
ajustar to adapt to
balear to shoot
agresor assailant
albañil builder
esposar to handcuff
abalanzarse to rush
contagiar to transmit
contagiar to infect
amarrar to tie up
picar to bite
atar to tie
pretender to intend
pretender to expect
burrada nonsense
manotazo slap
fuero jurisdiction
tumbar to knock down
tumbarse to lie down
campesino farmer
faltar to miss
faltar to break
sacudir to shake
embriagar to make drunk
peritaje expert's report
arrojarse to throw oneself
esquivar to dodge
baranda railing
baranda handrail
rebotar to bounce
rebotar to ricochet
eje main idea
cursar to study
cursar to take
acudir to come
acudir to go to
mitin rally
tela fabric
Created by: orliotis
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