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Tourist sites

names of tourist sites in El Salvador and description of each one

Costa del Sol A sandy beach just 30 minutes from San Salvador airport, Costa del Sol is becoming an increasingly popular tourist spot.
El Tunco El Tunco is one the most popular of the northern coastal towns for tourists. Named after the “pig-shaped” rock located off its coast, it’s a craggy, powerful region not conducive to swimming
San Miguel The country’s third largest and most populated city, In El Salvador.
Playa El Cuco is a beach town offering vendor huts, seafood restaurants, and a shaggy palm-lined shore. The waters are calmer than some of the nearby surfer towns, making it a better option for those interested in swimming.
Ruta de Paz Ruta de Paz, or Path of Peace, is a popular tourist itinerary that winds through the area hit hardest by the civil war.
EL SUNZAL it’s the most popular El Salvador tourist attraction on the Pacific coast. Word has it that there are world-class waves every day at El Sunzal, with cutback shoulders & fun walls.
ALEGRIA La Laguna de Alegria. It lies on the floor of the dormant Volcan Tecapa and produces sulphuric volcanic clay, which is said to have medicinal benefits.
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