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Here are some examples of words of the vocabulary

Smoke 1- Dark memories lingered like smoke after a fire. 2- Several cars were on fire, and black smoke spiraled toward the sky
Chemical Waste Abandoned industrial and commercials sites that are often contaminated with chemical wastes.
Carbon Hydrogen Mechanisms for carbon hydrogen activations fall under three general categories [...]
Greenhouse effect As it rots, it releases carbon dioxide and methane, contributing to the greenhouse effect.
Ozone Layer But evidence has been building that the ozone layer is recovering [...]
Respiratory Illness Smoking can cause respiratory illnesses
Amoebas 1-The game starts out with a simple single-celled organism, not unlike an amoeba. 2-The child will also start drawing people that resemble a tadpole or amoeba
Flood 1- In a thousand miles the flood destroyed every bridge 2- The river burst its banks and flooded the surrounding fields.
Earthquake 1- The earth in flames, with earthquakes swallowing whole towns and buildings burning. 2-Noteworthy earthquakes are rar
Hurricane 1-The town was considerably damaged by the great hurricane of the 8th of August 1899. 2- Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night.
Wildfires Major wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres in Idaho.
Greening 1- You can find information on greening any and every part of your life, from the simplest modification to a full-scale lifestyle change. 2- Another major renovation is completely "greening" a bathroom.
Recycling The local council have just set up a committee to study recycling
Landfill 90 percent of American rubbish is dumped in landfill sites.
Environments Laws In the Northern Territory, some environmental laws are made by the Northern Territory Parliament
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