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Chapter 3 and 4 Vcb.

Chapters 3 and 4 vocab for Vida y Muetre

to forget olvidar
that aquél
living room sala
agitated agitado
to care for cuidar
apparently aparentemente
room cuarto
to take out sacar
pistol pistola
underneath debajo de
box caja
bullets balas
to insert meter
waist cintura
the last time la última vez
supposedly supuestamente
to try intentar
to avenge oneself vengarse
killing matanza
to arrest arrestar
jail cárcel
there allí
together junto
to return regresar
outside of fuera de
connections enlaces
border la frontera
powerful poderoso
there allá
never jamás
to come venir
apartment apartamento
would be sería
best friend mejor amigo
childhood la niñez
to get in trouble meterse un lío
to emigrate emigrar
worried preocupados
because of a causa de
environment un ambiente
to leave (something) dejar
to grab agarrar
a few unas cuantas
station estación
to the other side al otro lado
the correct thing lo correcto
neither tampoco
well-being el bienestar
unstable inestable
to face enfrentarse
unfortunately desafortunadamente
to overcome superar
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