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ESL 1 Abbreviations

short forms of some words

ID identification
M male
F female
Dr. (a person) doctor (in an address) Drive
Mr. Mister, a title used only for men
Jr. junior- used after a man's name if he has the same name as his father
Sr. senior- used after a man's name if he has the same name as his son
DOB date of birth
UK United Kingdom
PA postal abbreviation for Pennsylvania
Washington, D.C. Washington, District of Columbia
Ave. Avenue
St. Street
Blvd. Boulevard
La. Lane
Apt. apartment
SSN, SS# social security number
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
lb. pound
oz. ounce
wt./wgt. weight
tsp. teaspoon
in. inch
ft. foot/feet
Tbsp. tablespoon (the bigger one)
Monday Mon.
Tuesday Tues.
Wednesday Wed.
Thursday Thurs.
Friday Fri.
Saturday Sat.
Sunday Sun.
Rev. Reverend (a title for a religious leader)
BA Bachelor of Arts (a 4-year university degree)
BS Bachelor of Science (4-year university degree)
ESL English as a Second Language
MLK Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jan. January
Feb. February
Aug. August
Sept. September
Oct. October
Nov. November
Dec. December
Ph. D, PhD Doctor of Philosophy (highest university degree)
M.A. M.S. Master of Arts, Master of Science (university degrees after Bachelors)
WWI World War One
WWII World War Two
Rd. Road
N north
S south
E east
W west
Created by: murmansk
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