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Matter & Energy

Studying Matter and Energy

What is chemistry the study of? Matter and energy
What is matter? Anything that has mass and takes up space
Which is NOT a state of matter: solid, liquid, gas, energy? Energy
Which is NOT a type of energy: kinetic, liquid, potential, chemical? Liquid
The Law of Conservation of Matter states that matter: Cannot be created or destroyed
How is energy related to temperature? Directly
Reactions that give off heat. Exothermic reactions
An amorphous solid is a(n): Solid that flows
Viscosity is a measurement of: The "thickness" of a liquid
As you climb a mountain, what happens to air pressure? It decreases
Gas molecules move... Rapidly and randomly
Which type of property can be observed without changing the substance? Physical
What type of change (generally) cannot be reversed? Chemical
When writing a chemical reaction, what does the arrow point towards? Products
A substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by any means is a(n): Element
A substance that contains 2 or more elements combined in fixed proportions is a(n): Compound
A blend of 2 or more pure substances is a(n): Mixture
A mixture in which you can see the different parts is called a(n): Heterogeneous mixutre
Which type of matter can be separated physically through filtration? Heterogeneous mixture
A mixture that appears uniform is called a(n): Homogeneous mixture
Which type of matter can only be separated by a chemical reaction? Compound
What happens to temperature as ice melts? It stays the same
What is the "triple point"? Solid, liquid & gas all exist
What instrument is used to measure length? Ruler
What instrument/method is NOT used to measure volume: graduated cylinder, ruler, liquid displacement, or balance? Balance
Which is NOT a unit of volume: mL, g, cm3, or L? Gram (g)
What two variables are used to find density? Mass and volume
If an object has a density greater than one, what will happen in water? It will sink
How close a measurement is to the actual value is: Accuracy
How close measurements are to each other is: Precision
In significant figures, trailing zeros: Count with a decimal present
In significant figures, leading zeros: Never count
In significant figures, captive zeros: Always count
In significant figures, non-zero numbers; Always count
The title of a graph should be: Independent vs. Dependent
The x-axis is the: Independent Variable
When both variables increase, it represents a(n): Direct relationshop
When adding numbers, the significant figures included in the answer are determined by: Least total decimal places in the problem
When multiplying numbers, total significant figures in the answer is determined by: Least total significant figures in the problem
How do you know a chemical change has taken place? New substances are formed
Created by: hansenc1