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Common verbs

Sonreír To smile
Llevar To carry
Pensar To think
Bañar se To bathe
Construir To build
Pintar To paint
Beber To drink
Leer To read
Cortar To cut
Picar To chop
Picar To pick, bite as bug
Limpiar To clean
Cepillar To brush
Cepillar se los dientes To brush teeth
Escuchar To listen
Escribir To write
Caer se To fall
Romper To break
Lavar se To wash
Esconder se To hide
Llorar To cry
Reir To laugh
Barrer To sweep
Nadar To swim
Bailar To dance
Coger To take
Hacer To make, to do
Sentar se To sit down
Sentir se To feel
Soplar To blow
Trepar To climb
Jugar To play
Cocinar To cook
Pelear To fight
Dormir To sleep
Saltar To jump
Recoger To pick up
Mirar To look, to Watch
Ver To see
Esperar To wait
Lanzar To throw
Tirar To throw away
Comer To eat
Hablar To speak
Conversar To talk
Estirar To stretch
Halar To pull
Jalar To pull
Coser To sew
Cantar To sing
Cavar To dig
Correr To run
Sembrar To seed
Plantar To plant
Ganar To win
Perder To lose
Estar de pie To be on foot
Armar To put together
Comprar To buy
Caminar To walk
Andar se To Walk
Empujar To push
Pagar To pay
Decir To say
Mentir To lie
Parar To stop
Created by: MichaelSTX