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Science Study Guide

Energy and Transformation

Example of kinetic mechanical energy? a bike rolling down a hill
Example of potential energy trasformed into kinetic energy? a mouse tripping a mouse trap
The "ability to do work or cause change" is the definition for energy
"Energy of motion" is the definition for kinetic energy
Lying out in the sun to get a tan is an example of what type of heat energy transfer? radiation
What is a example of a good insulator is plastic fork
"When one form of energy is transformed into another", describes energy transformation
Touching a metal spoon that has been setting in a cup of boiling hot coffee describes. conduction
Pulling back a bow, then releasing the arrow into the air describes what form of energy? mechanical energy
The energy a person gets from their breakfast is an example of what form of energy? chemical energy
A computer that is receiving energy from its power chord is an example of what form of energy? electrical energy
Someone playing a trumpet is an example of what form of energy? sound energy
The sun gives off this type of energy, which helps power solar panels. light energy
Energy power plants get from the splitting of atoms is an example of what form of energy? nuclear energy
The warmth you feel when you hold a hot cup of cocoa describes which form of energy? thermal energy
"Energy of position" is the definition for potential energy
Example of energy transformation hairdryer transforms electrical energy into thermal energy
Materials through which the transfer of thermal energy is easy are called conductors
A referee blowing his whistle during a basketball game illustrates sound energy
A battery is an example of what form of energy? chemical energy
A person sprinting is an example of which form of energy? mechanical energy
A match before it is lit has which form of energy chemical energy
A silver spoon is an an example of conductor
Noodles boiling in a pot shows which type of heat transfer? convection
A ball setting at the top of the stairs is an example of gavitational potential energy
You can feel the warmth of the sun in the summer. Heat is transferred from the sun to Earth by? radiation
Heat is _?_ transferred from objects with a higher temperature to a lower temperature object. always
Measuring the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance means finding the temperature
__?__ is done when an object is moved in the direction of the applied force. work
Heat transfer from a warmer substance to a cooler substance through direct contact describes? conduction
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