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4 Blends Final

Blends Final

elf Rhymes with shelf.
end Rhymes with friend.
felt Rhymes with melt.
held Rhymes with weld.
help He yelled for ________.
kept She ________ the letters in a box.
left She writes with her ________ hand.
lend Can you ________ me a dollar?
lent She ________ a dollar.
melt Rhymes with felt.
mend I will ________ the hole.
next I live ________ door.
nest Eggs are in the ________.
pest Ants can be ________s.
rent ________ a room.
rest Take a nap to ________.
self I can do it my________.
send ________ grandma a card.
sent I ________ grandpa a card.
tend ________ the sheep.
test The ________ is hard.
went They ________ on a trip.
west The sun sets in the ________.
film Another word for movie.
fist Make a tight ________.
gift Another word for present.
hint Give me a ________, so I can figure it out.
lift Give me a ________ in your car.
chest Put the toys in the ________.
shelf It is on the top ________.
bench Sit on the ________.
chimp A short word for chimpanzee.
shift Rhymes with drift.
think ________ about what you read.
limp He walks with a ________.
link ________ the paper chains.
list Make a grocery ________.
milk ________ comes from a cow.
mint The chocolate chip ice cream is ________ green.
mist See the ________ on the foggy day.
pink The pig is ________.
risk Go at your own ________.
sift ________ the flour.
pond The fish live in a ________.
romp The fox cubs ________ed playfully.
chomp ________ the food.
dusk Before dark.
dust ________ the furniture.
gust Feel the ________ of wind.
hump Camels have ________s.
thump What's that ________ing sound?
hunk I ate a big ________ of chocolate.
jump Can you do ________ing jacks?
junk Do not eat ________ food.
just It's ________ a block away.
lump I have a ________ in my throat.
lung I breathe with my ________s.
must I ________ do my homework.
pump ________ up the bike tire.
rung He ________ the bell.
rust Old metal can ________.
sung She ________ a song.
sunk The ship ________ to the bottom of the sea.
tusk The elephant has sharp ________s.
Created by: CanadyEd
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