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3 Blends Initial

Blends Initial

brag "I win," he likes to ________.
clam A ________ is an animal.
clap ________ your hands!
crab I like ________ legs.
drag Rhymes with brag.
flag The ________ is up.
flap The track has a mud ________.
flat A pancake is ________.
flash I saw the ________ of lightening.
crash Do not ________ the plane.
clash The colors ________.
smash Do not ________ your thumb with the hammer.
trash Another word for garbage.
glad I feel ________ or happy.
grab Do not ________ her toy.
plan Let's ________ the trip.
slam Don't ________ the door.
slap Do not ________ or hit.
snap Can you ________ your fingers?
stab ________ the meat with a fork.
swam The ducks ________ in the lake.
trap Catch mice in a ________.
sled ________ down the snowy hill.
sped The car ________ up.
stem Flowers have ________s.
step Watch your ________!
clip Hold hair back with a ________.
crib The baby bed is a ________.
drip "________, drop," says the rain.
flip ________ the pancake.
grin I ________ when I am happy.
grip ________ the handle bars.
skid Do not ________ the tires.
skin The sick girl has pale ________.
shrug A ________ means, "I don't know."
skip Do not ________ over the words.
slid He ________ into home base.
slim Another word for skinny.
slit I fell and ________ my finger.
spin ________ the spinner to win!
spit ________ out the seeds.
trim Cut or ________ your hair.
trip Do not ________ on the rock!
twig A small stick is a ________.
twin My ________ and I look the same.
swim I can ________ as fast as a fish.
blob Start with a ________ of clay.
crop We grew a ________ of corn.
drop Do not ________ the glass!
flop I like my new flip ________s.
plop Rhymes with flop.
plot The story has a good ________.
slot Put the nickel in the ________.
spot The dog has black ________s.
stop ________ at the stop sign.
trot This horse can ________.
club I am in a book _______.
drug The sick kid took a ________.
drum I can play that _______.
plug ________ in the fan!
slush The snow became ________.
blush She ________ed when she saw him.
crush ________ the ice.
brush ________ your hair!
flush _______ the toilet!
plum A ________ is a fruit.
plus One ________ one is two!
snug I am ________ as a bug in a rug!
spun She ________ the wheel.
stud The fancy coat has ________s.
Created by: CanadyEd



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