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Chapters 19-22D

Walk Two Moons Ch. 19-22D

cavorted to prance around in a lively or spirited manner The little boy named Jack ______ about in the meadow. control or restraint synonyms: frolic
finches birds of the family Fringillidae There were many pretty ______ on my roof chirping a nice song. N/A sparrows, cardinals, and canaries
distinctive having the power to distinguish something or someone She was very ______ when she stood in the crowd of tall people. common, normal, ordinary, similar, etc stands out
reassurance to comfort The ______ in his voice made me believe him although he was really lying. discouragement "Don't worry."
malinger to pretend illness in order to avoid work If I don't want to go to school I might ____ to not go that day. to really be sick to elude something
skittish to move actively and quickly because of fright The boy sitting on the bus was acting very ______ because the bigger boys came. calm scardy cat
fidgety unnecessary fuss The girl was very ______ in her sit, and her mom told her to stop the fuss. relaxed, laid-back, etc. If I was REALLY moving about in class I might get in trouble.
Created by: joanenguyen