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2 Digraphs

Digraphs Initial and Final Position

dash Add a ________ of pepper. cash, mash
cash Do we get Cougar ________? dash, mash
wish ________ upon a star. dish, fish
dish Wash the ________es. fish, wish
fish A ________ has fins. dish, wish
ship The ________ sails at sea. sip
shot I made the 3-point ________! hot
shed Tools are in the ________. bed
rush Do not ________. Take your time. hush, mush
mush Rhymes with hush and rush. hush, rush
hush ________ little baby, don't cry. mush, rush
shut ________ the door. hut
chat I will talk or ________ with a friend. cat
chin The helmet has a ________ strap. fin
chop ________ the carrots for the salad. cop
such Rhymes with much. much
much Rhymes with such. such
that Rhymes with hat. hat
this Rhymes with sis. sis
then Rhymes with ten. ten
them Rhymes with hem. hem
thud It fell with a ________. mud
path Walk on the ________. bath, math
math In ________ class, we add numbers. bath, path
bath I took a bubble ________. math, path
with I can go ________ you. myth
chick A baby chicken is a ________. pick, sick, tick
check ________ your work. neck, peck, speck
shack I call the old house a _________. back, pack, stack
back The book is in my ________ pack. shack, pack, stack
stack ________ up the books. back, pack, shack
neck The necklace is on her ________. check, peck, speck
speck The Hoos live on a dust ________. check, neck, peck
peck The bird ________ed at the window. check, neck, speck
pack ________ your bags! back, shack, stack
pick ________ nice friends! chick, sick, tick
buck The ________ has antlers. duck
shin I fell and cut my ________. chin
sick He is ________ with a cold. chick, pick, tick
mash I like ________ed potatoes. cash, dash
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