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Homophones Other

Homophones 2

bare She walked on the hot pavement with __________ feet. naked
for The gift is __________ my mother. to
four I have __________ fingers on my hand. quad
hair He has strawberry blonde __________. locks
hare We saw the cotton-tailed __________ hop away. rabbit
hear I __________ thunder in the distance. listen
here It's __________, not over there. present
heard Have you __________ the good news? listened to
herd A see a __________ of buffalo grazing in the field. group
or Do you want corn __________ carrots for dinner? either one
oar Use your __________ to paddle the boat. paddle
pare Use a peeler to __________ off the rind. trim
pair Find a __________ of matching socks. match
there It's not here, it's over __________. location, not here
their They lost __________ library books. something they own
wear I will __________ a costume to the party. be dressed in
where __________ are you going? place
ad I saw the __________ in the newspaper. advertisement
add Yes, I can __________ two numbers to get fifty. plus
hall The room is at the end of the long __________. hallway
haul My truck can __________ the firewood. carry
fore Thank you for __________ warning me of the hard test. at the front or before
ball Cinderella is dressed for the __________. dance
bawl I saw her __________ when lost in the store. cry
fir We planted the __________ tree. tree
fur Mammals have __________. animal hair
cell Call me on my __________ phone. A type of phone
sell I am ________ing girl scout cookies. to give away in exchange for money
bear That small beam could not __________ the weight. support
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