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Vocab List #3

Everything I Never Told You

Admonish (v.) to warn; to scold mildly or advise
Surreptitious (adj.) done in a secret way
Intuition (n.) knowledge derived from inside yourself
Slight (v.) to treat with disdain or indifference
Solitude (n.) the state of being alone and content (positive connotation/not lonely)
Aphorism (n.) a concise statement that expresses a true or wise idea
Incongruous (adj.) strange because not agree
Volubility (n.) the quality of talking a lot in an energetic or rapid way
Precarious (adj.) not safe, strong or steady; dependent on chance or unknown circumstances
Innocuous (adj.) not likely to bother anybody; harmless
Berate (v.) criticize someone in a loud or angry way
Culpable (adj.) deserving blame; guilty of some wrongdoing
Demure (adj.) reserved, modest
Noconformist (n.) someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct
Laudable (adj.) deserving praise
Quintessential (adj.) being the most typical or best example of something
Salacious (adj.) relating to sex in a way that is offensive or excessive
Sedate (adj.) slow and relaxed; quiet and peaceful
Talisman (n.) an object believed to have magic powers and cause good things to happen to the person who owns it
Palpable (adj.) capable of being touched or felt; obvious and noticeable
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