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The Chrysalids

Grade 9

Tribulation An event that separated Old people time from David’s
Hind - Sight Understanding an event after it happens
Germinate Come into existence and develop
Baffled Confused or puzzled
Rote Mechanical repetition to be learned
Wattle Framework of twigs
Rectitude Uprightness
Timorously Showing fear or nervousness
Wraith A ghost
Heir Someone who is legally in charge of the rank of someone’s death
Magistrate Someone who manages the law
Repentances A book of ways to avoid disobedience
Mutant Something that is mentally or physically altered
Implacable Unforgiving or relentless
To rummage To search messily through things
To harry To carry out attacks on enemies
Dungarees Pants made of denim, blue jeans
To beckon To signal someone with your arm, hand, or head for them to follow
Searing Very critical
Sullied Damage the purity or integrity
Scathed Harm or injure
Wretchedness Unfortunate condition
Pedent Someone who is very concerned with minor details
Apprehensively Uneasy about something that might happen
Slander Make false accusations about someone
Shingle A mass of small round pebbles
Satchel An over the shoulder bag with a flap
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