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10 Points of Safety, Classroom Safety, Tools/equiptment

What should you do if you are unsure about how to use a tool? ASK YOUR TEACHER
What should you ALWAYS pay attention to... Hand placement and surroundings
You should never leave a tool... unattended or uncovered
When should safety glasses should be worn? when any tool/equipment is in use
When around tools/equipment, your hair should be_________ because_________. Tied back because it can easily get caught or block your peripheral version.
Johnny Blaze caught on fire because he was wearing Loose clothing
You are not allowed to use the tools or equipment if you are not wearing Closed toed shoes.
If you are very upset or angry you should not use the tools/equipment
Do not use tools or equipment if a teacher is not present if you did not ask first if the tool or equipment is broken
You must clean up any __________ by organizing them in the designated boxes. scrap materials or waste that is created
When should you report an accident? Immediately
In the case of a medical emergency, you should do this first Inform the teacher immediately.
In the case of a medical emergency, should the students go to the nurse? No, the nurse should come to the room.
Hand tools should be carried like this. below your waist with a firm grip.
If you are using a box cutter or exacto knife, the cover should remain on the blade when the tool is not in use
What can you do to an exacto knife to keep it from rolling off the table? Flag it
True or False: A sharp tool is a safe tool True: A sharp tool is safer to use because it cuts the material with ease. If you have to force the blade into the material, an accident is more likely to occur.
If you are cutting a piece of material, you should always use a cutting mat
You are require to do this before you use a tool/piece of equipment and after you are done with it SIGN IN/SIGN OUT
What do you do if a blade falls out of an exacto knife Do not leave the blade unattended and ask a teacher to assist you in replacing the blade.
Always assume the hot-wire cutter is _________ when you approach it. HOT - Turned on
The hot wire cutter heats up Immediately
If the hot wire cutter is turn on , so it the... air fiter
When cutting any material, the material should be placed... Flat on the surface - use a straight edge/fence to assist with the cut
If you push too hard on the wire (hot wire cutter), what could happen? The wire could break
When using a hand-drill to cut any material, first secure the material with _______ c- clamps
Never use your ___________to secure a material hands
What part of the drill bit cuts the material? the tip of the drill bit
How do you replace a drill bit? Loosen and tighten the chuck
When you are done using the drill, place the battery in the charger
The saw can cut thin materials, including foam, plastic, cardboard, foam core, dowel rod, and plywood or softwood
Only apply pressure when the saw blade is on the downstroke
If the machine sounds, smells, or looks funny or breaks when you are using it, you should... turn the machine off and tell the teacher.
When you are done using the classroom equipment, you should always do these two things Turn it off Tell the teacher
Do not leave the Glowforge unit __________while operating - always stay within __________. unattended sight
Do not put things ________ ____________ ______ the Glowforge. On top of
In order to use a material in the glowforge, it MUST be laser compatible
DO NOT _________ materials inside the Glowforge stack
Do not stare directly at... The laser
When the exhaust turns off, that means that the fumes have been outputted you can remove your material
DO NOT attempt to ______ or _________ the Glowforge unit in any way. alter or modify
What gases are in the laser tube? Hydrogen, Helium, and carbon dioxide
To cancel a print on the Glowforge you can... Cancel it on the computer display or open the lid ever so slightly
With the crumb tray installed, what is the maximum material thickness that can be used? 1/2"
The laser head moves on which two axes? x and y
What file types does the Glowforge render? JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG
What is the difference between a raster and a vector image? Raster -pixel based Vector - made of lines/shapes
Which color represent the cut operation? RED
Which color represent the score operation? GREEN
which color represent the engrave operation? BLUE
In which order should the operations be preformed? ***Engrave, score and then cut.
If you choose to trace an image, the Glowforge will ask you to select the area that your want to A. Keep B. Cut away. B. Cut away
When using the computers, students are prohibited from searching inappropriate content or images.
Students are prohibited from tampering with computer cords
Once clean up has been called, all work must STOP immediately .
What should you use the clean surfaces? Dust plans or shop-vac.
If the room is not clean when the bell rings then NO ONE LEAVES
At the end of the day, what matters most? Safety.
Loose stringy things don't mix well with .... fast spinny things
Created by: cokerl