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Spanish Vocabulary

Chapter 4

andar en patineta to skateboard
bucear to scuba dive
escalar montanas (f.,pl) to climb mountains
escribir una carta to write a letter
escribir un mensaje electronico to write an e-mail (electronic message)
esquiar to ski
ganar to win
ir de excursion to go on a hike
leer el correo electronico to read e-mail
leer un periodico to read a newspaper
leer un revista to read a magazine
nadar to swim
pasear to take a walk
pasear en bicicleta to ride a bicycle
patinar (en linea) to (inline) skate
practicar deportes (m., pl) to play sports
tomar el sol to sunbathe
ver peliculas (f., pl) to watch movies
visitar monumentos (m., pl) to visit monuments
la diversion fun activity; entertainment; recreation
el fin de semana weekend (end of week)
el pasatiempo pastime; hobby
los ratos libres spare (free) time
el videojuego video game
el baloncesto basketball
el beisbol baseball
el ciclismo cycling (the sport)
el equipo team
el esqui (acuatico) (water) skiing
el futbol soccor (footbal)
el futbol americano football (american)
el golf golf
el hockey hockey
el jugador male player
la jugadora female player
la natacion swimming (sport)
el partido game, match
la pelota ball
el tenis tennis
el voleibol volleyball
deportivo/a sports-related
favorito/a favorite
el cafe cafe, coffee shop
el centro downtown (center)
el cine movie theater
el gimnasio gym
la iglesia church
el lugar place
el museo museum
el parque park
la pascina swimming pool
la plaza city or town square
el restaurante restaurant
almozar (o:ue) to have lunch
yo almuerzo I have lunch
tú almuerzas you have lunch
el/ella/usted almuerza he eats lunch she eats lunch you eat lunch
nosotros/as almorzamos we have lunch
ellos/ellas/ ustedes almuerzan they lunch
cerrar (e:ie) to close
yo cierro I close
tú cierras you close
el/ella/usted cierra he closes she closes you close
nosotros/as cerramos we close
ellos/ellas/ustedes cierran they close you close
comenzar (e:ie) to begin: to start
yo comienzo I start
tú comienzas you start
el/ella/usted comienza he starts she starts you begin
nosotros/as comenzamos we started
ellos/ellas/ustedes comienzan they start you start
conseguir (e:i) to get: to obtain
yo consigo I get
tú consigues you get
el/ella/usted consigue he gets she gets you get
nosotros/as conseguimos we got
ellos/ellas/ustedes consiguen they get you get
contar (o:ue) to count : to tell
yo cuento I count
tú cuentas you count
el/ella/usted cuenta he counts she counts you count
nosotros/as contamos we count
ellos/ellas/ustedes cuentan they count you count
decir (e:i) to say : to tell
yo digo I say
tú dices you say
el/ella/usted dice he says she says you say
nosotros/as decimos we say
ellos/ellas/ustedes dicen they say you say
dormir (o:ue) to sleep
yo duermo I sleep
tú duermes you sleep, do you sleep
el/ella/usted duerme he sleeps she sleeps you sleep
nosotros/as dormimos we sleep, we slept
ellos/ellas/ustedes duermen they sleep you sleep
empezar (e:ie) to begin (start)
yo empiezo I start
tú empiezas you start
el/ella/usted empieza he starts she starts you start
nosotros/as empezamos we start
ellos/ellas/ustedes empiezan they start, they begin you start, you begin
encontrar (o:ue) to find (to encounter)
yo encuentro I find
tú encuentras you find
el/ella/usted encuentra he finds she finds you find
nosotros/as encontramos we find
ellos/ellas/ustedes encuentran they find, they found you find
entender (e:ie) to understand
yo entiendo I understand
tú entiendes you understand
el/ella/usted entiende he understands she understands you understand
nosotros/as entendemos we understand
ellos/ellas/usteded entienden they understand you understand
ir to go
yo voy I go - I am going
tú vas you go - you're going
el/ella/ustedes va he goes - he's going she goes - she's going you go - you will go
nosotros/as vamos we're going - we go
ellos/ellas/ustedes van they go you go
jugar (u:ue) to play a sport or game
yo juego I play - I am playing
tú juegas you play
e/ella/usted juega he plays - he bets she plays - she bets you play
monstrar (o:ue) to show
yo muestro I show
tú muestras you show
el/ella/usted muestra he shows she shows you show
nosotros/as mostramos we show
ellos/ellas/ustedes muestran they show you show - you are showing
oir to hear
yo oigo I hear
tú oyes you hear
el/ella/usted oye he hears she hears you hear
nosotros/as oimos we hear
ellos/ellas/ustedes oyen they hear - listen to you hear
pedir (e:i) to ask for : to request : to order
yo pido I ask for - I order
tú pides you ask for - you order
el/ella/usted pide he asks - he orders she asks - she orders you ask - you order
nosotros/as pedimos we ask - we order
ellos/ellas/ustedes piden they ask for you ask for - you are asking
pensar (e:ie) to think - to plan
yo pienso I think - I plan
tú piensas you think - you plan
el/ella/usted piensa he thinks she thinks you think
nosotros/as pensamos we think
ellos/ellas/ustedes piensan they think you think
pensar (+ inf) to intend
pensar en to think about - to think of
perder (e:ie) to lose - to miss
yo pierdo I lose
tú pierdes you lose - you miss
el/ella/usted pierde he loses she loses you lose
nosotros/as perdemos we lose
ellos/ellas/ustedes pierden they lose you lose
poder (o:ue) to be able to - can
yo puedo I can - I might
tú puedes you can - you're able to
nosotros/as podemos we can - we might
ellos/ellas/ustedes pueden they can you can
poner to put - to place
yo pongo I put
tú pones you put
el/ella/usted pone he puts she puts you put
nosotros/as ponemos we put
ellos/ellas/ustedes ponen they put you put
querer (e:ie) to want - to love
yo quiero I want - I love
tú quieres you want - you love
el/ella/usted quiere he wants - he loves she wants - she loves you want - you love
nosotros/as queremos we want
ellos/ellas/ustedes quieren they want - they love - they like - they're fond of they want - they want to you want
recordar (o:ue) to remember
yo recuerdo I remember - I recall
tú recuerdas you remember
el/ella/usted recuerda he remembers - he recalls she remembers - she recalls you remember
nosotros/as recordamos we remember
ellos/ellas/ustedes recuerdan they remember you rememebr
repetir (e:i) to repeat
yo repito I repeat
tú repites you repeat
el/ella/usted repite he repeats she repeats you repeat
nosotros/as repetimos we repeat
ellos/ellas/ustedes repiten they repeat - these repeated you repeat
salir to leave
yo salgo I go out - I leave - I'll leave
tú sales you leave - you go out - you get out
el/ella/usted sale he leaves - he goes out she leaves - she goes out you go out
nosotros/as salimos we go out
ellos/ellas/ustedes salen they go out - they leave you go out
seguir (e:i) to follow - to continue
yo sigo I follow
tú sigues you follow - you continue
el/ella/usted sigue he follows - he continues - he's still... she follows - she continues - she's still... you follow
nosotros/as seguimos we follow - we continue
ellos/ellas/ustedes siguen they follow - they continue you continue - you are still.....
suponer to suppose
yo supongo I suppose
tú supones you suppose - you assume
el/ella/usted supone he supposes - he assumes she supposes - she assumes you suppose
nosotros/as suponemos we suppose - we assume
ellos/ellas/ustedes suponen they suppose - they assume you suppose
traer to bring
yo triago I bring
tú traes you bring
el/ella/usted trae he brings she brings you bring
nosotros/as traemos we bring
ellos/ellas/ustedes traen they bring you bring
ver to see
yo veo I see - I watch
tú ves you see - you watch
el/ella/usted ve he sees - he watches she sees - she watches you see - you watch you see
nosotros/as vemos we see - we watch
ellos/ellas/ustedes ven they see - they watch you see
venir (e:ie) to come
yo vengo I come
tú vienes you come - are you coming
el/ella/usted viene he comes she comes you come
nosotros/as venimos we come - we arrive - we're back - we're from - we come back
ellos/ellas/ustedes vienen they come you come
volver (o:ue) to return
yo vuelvo I return - I go back
tú vuelves you return - you go back - you come back
el/ella/usted vuelve he returns - he comes back she returns - she comes back you return - you come back
nosotros/as volvemos we return - we're back
ellos/ellas/ustedes vuelven they return you come back
dar to give : to teach
yo doy I give - I teach - I'm having
tú das you give
el/ella/usted da he gives she gives you give
nosotros/as damos we give
ellos/ellas/ustedes dan they give you give
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