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Chapter 22 to 24D

Walk Two Moons Ch. 22 to 24D

console comfort When my bird Bob died, I tried to _________ my mother. depress I am sad,and I want some one to comfort me
lather froth formed by profuse sweating After I had ran the mile, I was in a ________. dry, cold After doing a sport you are in a _________.
pried to raise, move, or force open a lever The jar was so stuck I ______ it open with a knife. force open If something is stuck you might try to get it open.
farfetched unlikely, not very possible When my sister said she had cancer, I thought it was very __________. possible something that is very unlikley
plummeted something that weighs down,or oppresses; burden As I threw a rock off a mountain, it __________ down. float when something heavy falls
careening to lurche or swerve while in motion. As I threw my shot put, it was _________ a while and then landed. glides when something swerves
tentatively uncertain, hesitantly Slowly and ____________ I walked to the principal's room. quickly if you are doing something you are unsure about
Created by: clairecordon