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Homophones LV

Common Homophones with Long Vowel Patterns

ate I __________ my lunch. digested
eight A spider has __________ legs. octave
beat I _________ the drum. hit
beets Eat those red __________! They are good for you. roots
blue Smurfs are the color __________. aqua
blew The wind __________ the hat off his head. swept
break Don't __________ the glass vase. shatter
brake I __________ for animals crossing the road. stop
deer The male __________ has antlers. doe
dear The card starts with the word __________. precious
knight The __________ wears shining armor. armored horseman
night I can see the moon at __________. evening
great The show was really good, in fact it was __________. wonderful
grate Please __________ the carrots. peel
groan I __________ when I don't want to get up in the morning. whine
grown Now my baby boy is a _________ man! adult
lead The pencil is made with __________. a mix of clay and graphite; used to make marks with a pencil
led The leader __________ the way. went first
made My mom __________ pancakes for breakfast. crafted
maid A __________ cleaned the room. housekeeper
main I can sort __________ ideas and details. first, primary
mane The lion has a __________. fur
meat Vegetarians do not eat ___________. food from animals
meet I want to __________ the new kid. encounter
plane The __________ is flying in the sky. jet
plain I want my hamburger ___________, no ketchup. without frills
pale When she was afraid her face turned __________. white
pail Jack and Jill fetched a __________ of water. bucket
read I __________ a good book yesterday. studied
red The color of blood is __________. crimson
read I like to __________ chapter books. browse
reed A __________ can be used to make an instrument. strip of wood
rain __________ drops are falling on my head. precipitation
reign The king will ___________ over the people. rule
right Yeah, I got the __________ answer! correct
write I like to __________ letters. author
rode I _________ on a horse. travelled
road We biked down the dirt __________. street
rose The sun __________ this morning. came up
rows The chairs are lined up in __________. straight horizontal lines
sail We will _________ on the ship. boat
sale These toys from last year are on __________. at a discount
sea Do mermaids live under the __________? water
see I __________ with my eyes. look
seam The pants have a __________. hem
seem The dog does not __________ hungry, he just ate. appear
stair I climbed the __________ steps to the top floor. step
stare Do not __________ at my purple wig. look for a long time
tale I read a __________ about Peter Rabbit. story
tail The rabbit has a cotton __________. hind or rear part
tea I will sip the hot __________. drink
tee Use a golf __________ to hit the ball. a wooden holder for a golf ball
toe I fell and stumped my big __________. forepart of the foot; hoof
tow The __________ truck picked up the broken car. carry
way I know the __________ to the house. route
weigh __________ the pumpkin on the scale. measure
wail I could hear the loud __________ing sound. cry
whale The blue ___________ is the largest animal on Earth. marine animal with a blowhole
waist I put a belt around my _________. midsection
waste Do not __________ time looking, you will not find it. consume
wait I have to __________ my turn to talk. pause
weight I lifted the heavy __________. load
weak I am not strong. I am ___________. frail
week There are seven days on a ___________. 7 days
Created by: CanadyEd
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