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vocabulary and verb forms

la entrada entrance
el letrero sign
la ganga bargain
la liquidación sale
el mercado market
la salida exit
claro light
oscuro dark
vivo bright
hecho made/done
el algodón cotton
el cuero leather
la lana wool
la seda silk
la tela sintética synthetic material
alto high
bajo low
el cajero cashier (m)
la cajera cashier (f)
el cheque check
el cupón de regalo gift certificate
en efectivo cash
gastar to spend
el precio price
tan so
la tarjeta de crédito credit card
apretado tight
escoger to choose
de moda in style
el estilo style
exagerado outrageous
flojo loose
la marca brand
mediano medium
el número shoe size/number
probarse (ue) to try on
la talla size
anunciar to announce
encontrar (ue) to find
importar* to matter
en realidad really
imediatemente immediately
parecer* to seem
recientemente recently
este this
ese that
aquel that over there
accesible affordable
pasado de moda out of style
caro expensive
barato cheap
buscar to look for
pagar to pay
llegar to arrive
tocar to play (music)
comprar to buy
conseguir (i) to get
sólo only
ir de compras to go shopping
gasto I spend
gastas you spend
gasta he/she spends
usted gasta you spend (f)
gastamos we spend/spent
gastan they spend
ustedes gastan y'all spend
escojo I choose
escoges you choose
escoge he/she chooses
usted escoge you choose (f)
escogemos we choose
escogen they choose
ustedes escogen y'all choose
me pruebo I try on
te pruebas you try on
se prueba he/she tries on
usted se prueba you try on (f)
nos probamos we try on/tried on
se prueban they try on
ustedes se prueban y'all try on
anuncio I announce
anuncias you announce
anuncia he/she announces
usted anuncia you announce (f)
anunciamos we announce/announced
anuncian they announce
ustedes anuncian y'all announce
encuentro I find
encuentras you find
encuentra he/she finds
usted encuentra you find (f)
encontramos we find/found
encuentran they find
ustedes encuentran y'all find
busco I look for
buscas you look for
busca he/she looks for
usted busca you look for (f)
buscamos we look for/looked for
buscan they look for
ustedes buscan y'all look for
pago I pay
pagas you pay
paga he/she pays
usted paga you pay (f)
pagamos we pay/paid
pagan they pay
ustedes pagan y'all pay
llego I arrive
llegas you arrive
llega he/she arrives
usted llega you arrive (f)
llegamos we arrive/arrived
llegan they arrive
ustedes llegan y'all arrive
toco I play
tocas you play
toca he/she plays
usted toca you play (f)
tocamos we play/played
tocan they play
ustedes tocan y'all play
compro I buy
compras you buy
compra he/she buys
usted compra you buy (f)
compramos we buy/bought
compran they buy
ustedes compran y'all buy
consigo I get
consigues you get
consigue he/she gets
usted consigue you get (f)
conseguimos we get/got
consiguen they get
ustedes consiguen y'all get
voy de compras I go shopping
vas de compras you go shopping
va de compras he/she goes shopping
usted va de compras you go shopping (f)
vamos de compras we go shopping
ustedes van de compras y'all go shopping
van de compras they go shopping
ayer yesterday
anteayer day before yesterday
pasado last
ya already
hace ago
anoche last night
me probé I tried on
te probaste you tried on
se probó he/she tried on
usted se probó you tried on (f)
se probaron they tried on
ustedes se probaron y'all tried on
escogí I chose
escogiste you chose
escogió he/she chose
escogimos we chose
escogieron they chose
usted escogió you chose (f)
ustedes escogieron y'all chose
gasté I spent
gastaste you spent
gastó he/she spent
usted gastó you spent (f)
gastaron they spent
ustedes gastaron y'all spent
anuncié I announced
anunciaste you announced
anunció he/she announced
usted anunció you announced (f)
anunciaron they announced
ustedes anunciaron y'all announced
encontré I found
encontraste you found
encontró he/she found
usted encontró you found (f)
encontraron they found
ustedes encontraron y'all found
busqué I looked for
buscaste you looked for
buscó he/she looked for
usted buscó you looked for (f)
buscaron they looked for
ustedes buscaron y'all looked for
pagué I paid
pagaste you paid
pagó he/she paid
usted pagó you paid (f)
pagaron they paid
ustedes pagaron y'all paid
llegué I arrived
llegaste you arrived
llegó he/she arrived
usted llegó you arrived (f)
llegaron they arrived
ustedes llegaron y'all arrived
toqué I played
tocaste you played
tocó he/she played
usted tocó you played (f)
tocaron they played
ustedes tocaron y'all played
compré I bought
compraste you bought
compró he/she bought
usted compró you bought (f)
compraron they bought
ustedes compraron y'all bought
conseguí I got
conseguiste you got
consiguió he/she got
usted consiguió you got (f)
consiguieron they got
ustedes consiguieron y'all got
Created by: Espanol2
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