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ACT Prep - 1st Sem.

sycophant someone who uses flattery to try to get what he/she wants from an authority figure
non sequitur a statement that does not logically follow a conversation's flow
diatribe a forceful and bitter verbal attac
nefarious wicked or criminal
precursor a person or thing that comes before another of a similar kind
demure shy or modest
implacable unable to be soothed
affinity a natural skill
harangue lecture at length in an aggressive way
bemoan express discontent or sorrow over
abhor hate
placid not easily upset or excited; peaceful
facetious treating serious issues with inappropriate humor
contrite deeply remorseful for a bad action
anomaly something that deviates from what is expected or normal
bilk to cheat someone out of money
replete well-supplied with something
absolution formal release from guilt or punishment
cantankerous argumentative and uncooperative
deride to verbally rip apart
debacle a disaster
temerity excessive or foolish boldness
tenacious not letting go of or giving up on something one holds dear
acquiesce accept something reluctantly, but without protest
sojourn a temporary stay
gregarious fond of company
augment to increase
engender to cause or give rise to
nuance a subtle difference
renown the state of being known and celebrated by many
altruism a selfless act
myopic so focused on one small thing that the whole picture can't be seen
galvanize shock or excite, typically into taking action
acrimony bitterness or ill feeling
futile incapable of producing any useful result; pointless
ruminate think deeply about something
solace comfort in a time of stress or sadness
visceral from the gut (deeply emotional)
insipid lacking taste or class
vacillate to alternate indecisively between two choices
incendiary designed to start fires or conflict
mitigate to make less severe, serious, or painful
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